At A Dead-End!

6:33:00 PMKrishna Rao

I am at a dead-end and I really don't know what I am doing? 
In the last couple of days my disciples asked me similar questions- what am I supposed to do with my life? I am confused, they lamented. 
I know most of us are usually confused with what we are supposed to do. Muddled mind is very tiresome and stressful. 
As a reaction to that troubled state, you tend to sleep it off. You believe you will get inspired in your dream or sleep. You will have the eureka moment. But it never happens so you huddle and sleep more. Sleep and inertial condition is a killer code for inspiration. Get up and get going. Do whatever you want to instead of vegetating. 
All your issues stem from one single cause. You don't have any clue where you are going. That's the root of the confusion. Take the goalposts away and now tell me where will the player score the goal? You cannot score without your goalposts in place. You should have an idea where you want to go! You say, that's exactly the point, where am I supposed to go? You tell me, my mind cannot come to any conclusion about my destination or goal so how can I move anywhere? 
The answer lies within yourself. You should sit down quietly and start writing down what is it that you want in life? It could the silliest thing on earth. You may think that starting a food wagon is the stupidest ideas but you dream about it. You may be a high flying executive in a big multinational who is disillusioned with work so to start your food on wheels is your dream. Or you may just want to travel around the world. You want to do some social service or CSR activity somewhere in the village. You may want to become the president of the country. Whatever is your deepest wish, you should first write it down. 
You may have too many things that you want to do. That is no problem. Just put it down in a hierarchy. First come, first served. So start doing that. 
Now that your list is done. Can we proceed to the next step? Start gathering the tools of the trade or whatever that you will actually need to begin. It could be just some qualification or a degree. Are you capable enough to get educated or not? Of course, you are an old man who has wild dreams, so how can you go back to school? Shut your minds chatter. There is no age bar for getting educated. So start with getting knowledge. Get educated from the best person in business. You think that is crazy. Think this way, my Guru was only 13-14 years old when I met him in my late 40's. Sounds silly? No way. Just know that your enemy right now is shame. Get rid of it to succeed. Asking someone for help is not shameful. It shows your maturity and humility. This will help you grow bigger. 
Once you acquire the knowledge from books or some person, become an apprentice of a great person. Even Warren Buffett had his guru. You should get first hand training from the expert. Be ready to even become a slave to that person. It really shouldn't matter, since achieving the goal is your ultimate motivation. 
Even God taking birth on the planet earth, has to meet His Guru. The Master is the repository of ultimate knowledge do acknowledge Him and His position. Be humble and bow down to Him and He will tell you all. 
Now I hope your confused state is gone. So why not start writing down your list. Don't worry even if there is one single word written there. At least you have started. 
Only when you become active, will your mind start working and will help you search for your destination. So help yourself and get up. Get going. Stop lazing around. 
God helps only those who do something about it. Not those who feel they deserve a better life and won't do anything about it. Nothing is going to fall into your lap so stop being silly. You really have to work hard to get there. So work. 
Still confused, then you have a bigger problem in hand. You really are at your wits end then. So stop thinking, come to me with your check book or credit card. Just joking! You seriously need a talk then. But why not try first before coming? You will save yourself trouble, time and money too! 


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