Golden Spiritual Rules Part 1

7:51:00 PMKrishna Rao

The golden rules of spiritual path. 
Always remember that you are there as a learner and not a teacher. So stop teaching and telling others what to do or not. 
The day you feel your knowledge is greater than your Master, leave Him. Since you cannot take water from lower lakes reach higher mountain tops but the other way round. So don't teach your Master. 
When your Master is teaching you some things it is expected of you to focus and listen to Him and not interject in the middle. Only when you are permitted can you question about the subject. Hear the Master out fully and then raise your doubts. Get them clarified before you move to the next issue. 
You have left your past behind when you entered the Masters presence, so do not bring out comparisons about your past. Your life started when you were initiated by the Master so do not rake up past instances. 
Questions are asked for the purpose of progress in spiritual but any question which leads you to arguing with the Master are not to be brought up. 
A Master teaches and raises you towards greater heights in spiritual but when you argue with His reasoning over petty matters and cite reasons for your behavior, know that you are regressing in spiritual. 
If you believe you want to get the upper hand or win in an argument or defeat the Master, you are no longer worthy disciple  of His. 
Rules of conduct are laid down by the Master and adhering to them is your duty. Strictly following the diktats of the Master will lead you to emancipation. Any kind of irresponsibility on your part can cause big harm. So you should know that you are not the one to write rules. There is only one ruler who is the Master. 
The past life of the Master has no bearing on what or who He is. Just as we cannot tell Valmiki that He was a murderer of more than hundred men. Just as casting any aspersions on Ramakrishna Paramhamsa that He was living with His wife or had a female teacher would tantamount to complete destruction of Guru/ Shishya relationship. Or talking about Mary Magdalene and Her relationship with Jesus. 
Your focus has to be only one alone and that of your spiritual growth. The rest of the things should in no way distract you. What the Master does with whom is no concern of yours. You should only look in your own plate when your Master has selected you. Others may offer grand gifts or gold, land or houses but know that the Master doesn't value a person with his capacity of gifting but by spiritual merit alone. So stop feeling low or shy even if you have to offer a fistful of beaten rice like Sudama. 
Back stabbing is very common for the Guru since there have been numerous instances. Judas is a prime example or as Devadatta did to Gautama Buddha. These stories talk of petty minds. Every disciple has to guard against ambition there. 
You have walked into a new life full of renunciation, dispassion, detachment and left behind your past tendencies. You should make proper efforts to overcome these destructive habits and be a new person. Your only relative is the Master. Your only support is Him alone. 
The ashram is the place of learning and not a refuge for those who want to run away from life so stop using it as a place to visit for escape. Ashram is a holy place so treat it that way and do not desecrate it by petty politics. 
Rules of the ashram are many so follow them diligently and know that the Master is the final authority alone. 
We shall take up other spiritual rules later on. 


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