Why Fear Spiritual?

8:38:00 AMKrishna Rao

Why fear spiritual? Why are people afraid of becoming spiritual? They always think that life will come to a dead halt and you may run away to some mountain. You may wear some strange garments and appear someday as an ascetic. 
Your family will loose you. You may leave your wife and kids and go away. 
These are fears that have grown due to misconception. The stories that tell us about great sages like Ramanna Maharishi or Shankaracharya, swami Brahmananda or Vivekananda show people a different light. All of the above left their families to become ascetics. Buddha or Jesus also left home and went away in search of the truth. So the general idea is that a human being bitten by the bug of spiritual leaves his household and goes to some mountain in search of the divine or whatever. 
I will agree with you when you say that almost everyone leaves. I will never deny the fact that the bug that bites you is potent. Spiritualism tells us to search for the elusive manna from heaven. So going away to search for it, is it extremely important?  
Let's take the argument further about these spiritual folks. How many actually find that elusive potion? Hardly one in a billion. So what chance does anyone have? Zero! Those who go away to get spiritual wisdom are lost in the unwanted stuff there. Most of these great people who return practice either of the two things which are lucrative. One is yoga or hatha yoga which includes pranayama, meditation, etc., and the other is health care or some age old medicinal treatment. Cures and healing as they say! Do you really think this is what the great people went to the spiritual for? Anyway, they start schools and institutions and start a mint at their so called ashram. 
Remember it's our foolish reading about spiritual which tells us that these two paths of bodily exercise and cure are spiritual! Utter bull and crap. You can go to some hack and learn all those. You don't have to go to some mountain. 
Having met such idiotic people who believe in all these esoteric cures and beliefs, ask yourself did any of those sages I mentioned above ever practice these arts? Jesus, Buddha or even SriKrsna never said anything about it. 
So any of you folks wanting to run away from homes to learn this nonsense, get enrolled in some Ayurvedic college or yoga institute which is of repute. Learn yoga or cures for healthy body only and not stumbling in some spiritual. 
Now the second thing that you gotta know is there is no truth out there! Just like the serial "X Files," where they say that. What out where? There is nothing out there so don't even try searching anything outside of you. Everything is inside of you and you needn't go anywhere to search. Just hope and pray that some day your spiritual Master walks inside your parlor and you get the one thing you are seeking. 
Even though I was so much interested in running away and actually went thrice but my spiritual Master kicked me back with my mission. So I stayed and taught. Now my destination has changed so I have to move again. But this doesn't mean that I can go away to some mountains. I have to start the mission soon. Leading the dearest ones on the path of spiritual. Teaching others their swadharma or true calling. 
So there is no chance for anyone to run in spiritual. There is no easy way out by running away. You have to stay where you are and be devoted to The Lord only. Read spiritual texts, sing songs about Him, write poems about Him, be in the company of the holy. Meanwhile doing all the worldly tasks with élan. Yet not getting trapped in them. The desire-less state should always exist within you. 
So no one should fear the spiritual any which way. There are no shortcuts going to some mountain tops or caves. So stop trying to leave. Be where you are and follow your spiritual guide. Stay where you are, follow your material worldly duties, be detached and dispassionate, renounce the fruit of all actions and follow the diktats of your spiritual Master! Be in spiritual like that, since that's the way for Kaliyuga. 


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