The Guise Of Inflation!

7:27:00 PMKrishna Rao

Why do people hide greed under the guise of inflation? Why do we pay more for stuff that costs so less? So why does the hero of Dallas Buyers Club or the heroine from Love And Other Drugs go across the border to get medicines for themselves and others? Is it that they are very costly or does that nation not allow drugs that are not approved for human consumption? Whatever the reasons the people are the losers. 
Imagine a drug available in the third world country for less than a few cents, is being sold at a huge amount in a first world country! I can never understand when people say taxes are more in our country for the price to be higher. That's ridiculous since taxes can never be higher than another country. Take the case of China or India, who says taxes are not the same as others? Yet, the same drug is priced lower there. 
When a kilo of bananas costing about ₹24-28, whereas the same are available for $1 per banana which is approx ₹60 per piece! Now compare it! Why should one banana which costs roughly ₹5-6 is available for ₹60 in these so called developed countries? 
The labour costs or the transportation cost are too much they say. But are they? A man can live in a few dollars in India. The cost of living is very low there. Now you will again say the rentals are high, the salaries are high and so on. Now go and compare the rentals of spaces in Manhattan to Bandra, Mumbai or for that matter Orchard Road in Singapore to Ginza in Tokyo and you will find they are almost the same. Other costs are not the only reasons for higher rates of goods. When someone imports every item from China, how can they out price them? 
A loaf of bread costs about 50cents or ₹25 in India. The same in other parts of the world are approx ₹120 or 150 in other parts of the world. In USA it costs about 130-150 and in UK around 175-180. So why should it cost different. 
Listen, I don't want to know that there are reasons like economic viability, availability, accessibility, ability or disability and other stuff. Who cares when people are getting affected? So why not look at supplying stuff economically? The price of any stuff should not exceed more than a few dollars more than the place where it is produced. 
Important items like food, water, medicines and essential stuff needs to be regulated and cost effective to the citizens. The poor man on the street doesn't make as much money as the man staying in a condo, so it is important for both the persons to have wholesome food at the same price. Essential items need to be made available to one and all at regulated prices. 
Drugs or everyday items are the most important things a human being lives for. Food, clothing, shelter, health, education, etc., which form the most valued and essential part of human beings living should always be made available in any social bracket. Be it a man who lives in a shanty or the one who lives in a palace. 
I agree everyone has not been made equal by nature but taking care of the poor and downtrodden is the dharma of the rulers. To rule the place with compassion and caring attitude is important. To become a virtuous leader of men, they should provide these essential things to everyone irrespective of their lineage, birth, caste, creed, religion, social status or other. 
Also on the other side, the hoarders, profiteers, shylocks of this world should be taken to task by the rulers. 
I sincerely hope that everyone can partake of the goodness the earth bestows on all without discriminating can be had from the rulers of human too. I hope these folks don't encourage greed and allow it to hide behind the veil of inflation and the like. 


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