Inconveniences Of Life!

1:06:00 AMKrishna Rao

The inconveniences of life that one faces when they have to stay at a place alien to them, cannot be recounted verbally. Truly we are so much accustomed to our own spaces and conveniences, that to adapt to some other becomes an onerous task. 
Similarly, when someone becomes a guest at another's house, they are expected to follow a certain protocol. Assuming that the Chinese or Indian premier is going to some other country, he is expected to follow that countries tradition and behave accordingly. If they do not shake hands just as it is done internationally and just bowing down to each other then he needs to bow down. 
In the gulf region, women are expected to cover themselves up before they get into their host country. In India women wear sarees which shows the midriff but the same garment may not be accepted in another place. To show the midriff in another place might be offensive to those people. So we have to follow protocols. 
On the spiritual side too, protocols are a must. Honoring various gods in a particular manner is extremely important. Certain types of flowers or leaves are acceptable to some gods while others may not be conducive to it. The methods of veneration may differ for individual gods. 
In certain temples in India, men have to wear a particular type of garment, sometimes without the top shirt and the women have to wear sari or some other decent clothing. In certain temples in India and Nepal liquor is offered to some gods. 
Now if you look it up, you will find that these peculiar habits just don't apply to temples and gods but even the rituals differ depending upon the desires of that god. The priests are different too. The Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu has priests from Shringeri Math. Why is it important to have priests from there? Protocol or systems laid down by humans from time immemorial are responsible for that. 
Now let's return to spiritual world of inconveniences. When you step into that unknown universe, you realize that even though it looks the same universe as the material but everything is turned topsy turvy. Everything that you love or like, you may have to give up and forgo all conveniences. Imagine sitting still at one place and not moving an inch or talking. Food that you so much relished becomes rarer by the day. The material worldly truth becomes falsehood and vice verse. Your parents and family are no longer your own and you don't belong to anyone. The world is just an illusion and the invisible becomes visible. 
You were living a luxurious life and now you have to live an austere one. You were free and independent but now you have to slave for your spiritual preceptor. He makes you go to humiliating circumstances, bowing down to atrocities and inhuman conditions. So what gives? Why does the spiritual aspirant go through with this inhuman treatment? 
The fruit of the spiritual is the sweetest. Eternal life and no rebirths. No entrapment in any kind of relationships or possible rebuttals or karmic loops. Inconveniences are a part and parcel of spiritual veal. You have no choice but go through them. Trust your spiritual Master to put you through the grind. 
So if you cannot go through worldly discomforts and inconveniences then you may not be a suitable candidate for spiritual. These sadhanas or spiritual practices are meant for the tough and sturdy. After the first few months of kid gloves handling, your strenuous climb begins. So gird your loins and grit your teeth for there will be no let off phase for you once you begin your spiritual journey. 
So fasten your seat belts and hold tight, your roller coaster ride is about to begin! 


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