What Food Is Good?

6:34:00 PMKrishna Rao

What food is good for me? What kind of food is suitable for human beings today? This question was asked by one of my dearest devotee. 
We have learnt there are three kinds of food that a human being can eat. These are classified under three categories. Satvik, rajasik and tamasic. It is mentioned the freshest of the food which is relatively bland with proper mix of ingredients is satvik in nature. The food that is oily, tasty, pungent and hot is rajasik and stale, putrid, preserved and that which gives us the feeling of laziness is tamasic in nature. This is a very standard explanation to most of the inquirers. But is it applicable to today's day and age? 
Just as the littoral explanation of the verse in the Bhagvad Gita on women being compared to lower class is not applicable and acceptable today. The answer to both the above sentences is a resounding -No! You cannot apply the same explanation to both the verses. Women are far more superior than the man and the food described in ancient times is invalidated today. 
I drink a beverage which is of a meal replacement kind. It contains all the stuff in its raw form and supply all the necessary vital constituents needed by my body. Now, we have been able to extract the basic constituents in their individual form so that they can be used for therapeutic purpose. Since they are artificially created should I reject them? I am sure your answer will be that I should take the drink. So I have that. 
Today, we have restaurants offering fares which would not have made it to the menu a few years ago. Korean fare, Japanese, Turkish or Peruvian too. Now what goes in making these tasty dishes for which you pay through your nose? Our taste buds and exotica. 
Imagine being served in a place called Funny Sex, a pudding in the shape of a penis? But there is a place in Seoul at Zhongshan. 
Coming back to our main question of what are we to eat then? Fresh fruits, leafy and other vegetables, fresh cooked rice or breads, salads, aperitifs, ice creams, chocolates, fudges and all things tasty? Then what?
Those in the material world should know that they have taste buds and satisfying them is their primary motivation. They run after any stuff that can entice them. They succumb to the worldly palate. 
So what is the right kind of food for today's human? All things palatable depending upon their own personal disposition. A tiger has to eat flesh, a giraffe has to have new leaves, a cow should get her fodder and so on. So those who prefer non vegetarian stuff should consume that, a vegetarian should have that and so on. 
Any embellishment would be resorting to rajasik guna. So going to a fancy restaurant and paying for a meal which is served with taste tantamounts to wallowing in your sensual pleasures. 
Having a good meal in moderation without any kind of aggrandizement would be the perfect satvik one. So you decide how, when, where and why you are having the meal. 
A simple fare served in a roadside stall also amounts to satvik foods. Foods which cause you burning sensation or give you immense pleasure are to be avoided. Diets which are meant for a particular purpose like health or work related should be adhered to. Intoxicating drinks can be avoided but if you are accustomed to them then they should be had in moderation and restraint. 
Those on spiritual path automatically become very particular about their food. They have simple meal in absolute moderation. Either they have a single big meal or two small ones only. The ones who are on the path do not have more than that. Even small meals during two meals or multiple meals during the day are going to make a person rajasik in nature. His spiritual weal will be hampered. Focussing too much on what you eat or how and for some purpose, like reducing your weight or increasing muscular tissue points you towards material mindedness. 
Remember  the true spiritual aspirants primary goal is the divine and not their body. Those who indulge in focussing too much on their body are not fit for spiritual gains, since overcoming the body and mind are their prominent goal in life. 
So eat healthy in moderation only that which is suitable for your body disposition is the only way out for better living. Then for those in spiritual giving up on your sensual desires and focussing on the divine alone should be primary goal. 
Only for those who have reached the ultimate in spiritual, there are no restrictions. Since no one is even close to that goal, they have the rule book to follow. So go as per the law book and strictly adhere to it. Amen! 


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