The Humming Bird And The Crow!

6:28:00 PMKrishna Rao

This is a story of a humming bird and a crow. 
Many years ago I met a very old friend in a cycle shop. He had dropped out of school at an early age. Roamed around doing odd jobs for many years and now was working in the cycle shop. 
The owner shouted out from inside the shop to give him some spanner and he ran inside to give him. I felt very bad seeing him there that way just like a servant. A beck and call person. 
The only thought I had then was no one should give up studies and drop out of school, otherwise they would end up that way. I do not know what happened to him after that. He might have ended joining some work force somewhere. 
But now I was reminded of that incident when I saw three youngsters opening up their mo-bikes and tinkering with it.  They seemed very good youngsters who had the yen for tinkering bikes. But the greased up hands and determination told me that these cannot be categorized like my old friend. They seemed like that they had somewhere to go and something's to achieve. They never evoked a feeling of pity. On the contrary, they showed me sparks of determination. But what was the truth? Was it just a show put on for confusion? 
Though the two seemed from a different world and our perception might be different, yet there has to be something about it that brought the thought together. I knew the answer will show up. And it did. 
The guys who were tinkering with their bikes were as confused about life as any other youngster. They seemed rough and tough, raring to go and full of life, yet had no place to go, nothing to do, having a job but no purpose in life except roam on their bikes and waste their time. 
Now the two were similar, confused and helpless in life. They had no focus in life and nowhere to go. Wasting every moment in spending their precious time getting bogged in life. The group was like the humming bird and the old friend was like a single crow. Aimless and bereft of any direction. They want to go somewhere but don't know where! 
So are you my dear friend. You can show all the enthusiasm and guts to do something but at the end of the day fear grips you and you wonder where you are heading in life. So where are you going? 
We are either the humming bird or the crow. Both are doing the same thing. Searching for food and purpose. Both are born and both die. One does spend life vigorously and other in slightly relaxed manner. But both are birds without a clue as to why they are there doing what they are doing like any other bird. Clueless and helpless. So what is the purpose of life? Is it only to eat, drink, marry, have sex, have kids, make money and die? 


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