Escape Velocity In Life!

7:27:00 PMKrishna Rao

Why does a person need escape velocity in life? 
A few days ago I was watching a small video about a father telling his daughter to say sorry. The girl is reluctant to say the words. The father keeps on prodding her to say the words and she keeps on refusing. Finally, the father somehow makes her words tumble out of her mouth. Thereafter, the girl feels very happy for saying those words. So now think why was she reluctant to utter the simple words before? 
Ask yourself why is it so difficult for you to do simple things in life when you know very well that they will give you the highest satisfaction once you do them. You have the supreme intellect to beat the one intelligent person in your class in college and yet you are not willing to do it? What is it that makes you not move even when you know that is the greatest good? 
How many times have you seen a person who is so much capable of doing something big just whiling away his life? Have you not felt bad many a times seeing people who have so much potential not even lifting themselves up from the rut they have got into to do something about it? Do you see your own kith and kin not responding or just wasting their life not doing anything whereas they are capable of much more? Then why are they not doing anything about it? Seems very silly that they are wasting their time and life not doing that which they are much capable of! 
You look at a beggar on the streets or a homeless man and see the power he has in him and wonder why is he incapable of doing something to get out of this state of his. 
You can never pin point the issue. You wonder why and what is it that makes these great people become who they are- a worthless human being! Though they have the highest potential in them to rise and shine, yet they don't want to or just shut up when they are expected to perform. 
Is it shyness, inertia, stupor, laziness, fear, procrastination, awe, extreme excitement, sleep or what? Is it the age of Kali which makes everyone tamasic or inert? 
Try understanding the reasons why these great folks don't do what they can do easily. Can you name the reason why they can't lift themselves out of the rut? 
Try prodding them or provoking them and see what happens. They go further into the shell. They don't want to do anything after that at all. You ask them a thousand times why they are behaving that way? Their answer which comes reluctantly first which tells you how depressed they are and you have put them down further by your talk!!!
How much they despise themselves, how much they are feeling sorry, how bad they have been. 
It just speaks of self pity and despondency. You get equally frustrated at their dour state. You wonder why does a person not get up and doing what they are supposed to? You feel let down. 
On the other hand the one whom you are prodding and pushing feels extremely vulnerable and lost. They feel you are making them squirm and calling them good for nothing. They believe you are putting them down and making them out into a worm. It's a feeling of complete surrender to destiny. 
Everyone goes through these stages and phases. The one who can rise up can win everything. The battle and the war as well. So what is needed right then is to rise with self efforts. 
Self efforts are the only means of getting out of this rut. No amount of motivational talk will induce you to do anything. You can join classes and watch motivational videos but unless and until you put in your self efforts, nothing is going to change. 
Stop procrastinating and being lazy. Get up and get going. You are capable of anything in this universe. So show what you are capable of and do what is needed. Put in all that you have got to get over this stupor. It's like starting trouble. So get over that. 
It's called the escape velocity which is the speed needed by the rocket to move away from the gravitational pull of the planet, to escape into the outer space. So do use that one thrust needed to escape from the stupor which is the worst enemy of mankind to do something that will move you ahead in life. So use all that you have got in you to escape the pull of inertia and start that which will change your trajectory in life. So move on. Put self efforts and stop pulling yourself down. Know you are capable of anything. Just give yourself that self motivation and start doing things needed to succeed. 


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