Who Deserves?

6:36:00 AMKrishna Rao

Can you decide who deserves and who doesn't? 
When you select a candidate from the Ivy League institutions for the job, you know that person will deliver the results. Even if the person is the greatest dunce on earth, the understanding is he will be perfect for the job. Why does this happen? 
Let us see, the children of great stars of the silver screen are actors who win big awards, whereas the so called deserving candidates never gets them. The leader of the country is the child of a former leader, who may not be the deserving candidate for the role at all according to the entire nation but still he leads it. You have your reservations about his leadership, but he is still the boss. You don't like it at all. Neither does the entire nation but can you do anything else besides electing him the leader? 
So who makes the decisions who is the right choice or not? Who says that the institution is silly and churns out dunces? Who decides that someone else is deserving based on the qualities of that individual? 
Now ask yourself, are you qualified to answer that question as to who is the perfect candidate? Your parameters are based on the factors which are ideal in nature. Your candidate should have leadership skills, presentation qualities, dynamic nature, educational and job qualifications or something we call as deservability. But those are your desires and needs, your set of standards and your guidance factors. Do you really believe the universe works as per your set standards? Do you really think that the one who actually deserves should be given the prized trophy? You are bound to be disappointed. 
Remember the set factors which deigns a persons suitability is not dependent on you or the people around you. You may disagree with me in everything that I write over here. You can even call me a biased person. Whereas what is going to be the final result or outcome is deemed to be and happen according to laws far beyond your human ken and understanding. So don't even try to decipher these laws. They will always let you down since you are going to use logic or human mind. These results are not based on your most derived statistical probabilities. 
What you believe to be the right and the just thing to do, the complete reverse of it may happen. People who are supposed to be least deserving will be elected. Institutions which are in your worst offenders list will be selected. Look around and you will be amazed to see the ones who cannot even stand up to the constitution will be writing the changes to that. 
The Ivy League will be the winner. The lower class would be the loser. After overthrowing the apartheid or slave rule the new rulers soon will be the same which left by the back door. They have returned to take charge again. 
You may call it dynastic rule or whatever but surely that's how the clock turns. The old leaders children will take charge. The old patriarch left behind his own blood to rule. 
Don't try to undermine the rule of the universe. You may wish upon a star, but your wish will not be the command. 
When someone asked me why doesn't it happen in the most democratic way. Why doesn't the majority win? So in response I counter questioned them. Do you really believe what the majority says or rules is the perfect thing to happen? What makes you think that you have the right answer? 
The answer is not that majority wins. The answer is what is willed by the divine wins. These dynastic folks have been given the power to rule by God. Who are we to say who is supposed to rule or not? Everyone can try. There is no restriction for trying to win or overcoming the decision. But what has to be will be. 
If the folks from Ivy League have to get the best salaries and jobs even if they are least intelligent, then they will get. If the presidents son is supposed to rule in a dynasty then he will. If the best actors or actress award has to go to the son or daughter of the film mogul then it will go to them. If the scion of the largest shareholder has to become the CEO then you cannot do anything at all. 
Everything is not dependent on the factor of deservability. Everything is dependent on the divine will and the universal laws. 
Your job is to try or attempt alone. Success or failure is never in your hands. So put in the self efforts.  That's the only choice you have. 


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