Colored Glasses!

5:18:00 AMKrishna Rao

So you love to wear colored glasses? You have heard people say, the venom he is spewing towards me is the venom he has. Your own thoughts are coloring the world that you see. Or in simple words, you will see the world red in color if you are wearing red glasses. Similarly you will see the whole world tinted yellow if you have jaundiced eyes.
Wysiwyg is a term which says what you see is what you get! You have dirty thoughts about someone, you will see dirt only. You have anger in your own being, then it is anger that you will get or everything around you will anger you. If you have bitterness or sorrow in you then everything will be bitter and full of sorrow. So we all believe we understand what is being said here. If I have wrong views about someone in my life, it's my issue and not theirs. They may be the greatest villains in the world and thinking of destroying or killing them are my dirty thoughts so they are not wrong but I am? Is that what you mean? My eyes can see red or danger but that's not the issue since I see red, right? I am sure you too have the same issue with your own world. So then what is the truth? So I will explain here. 
Let us take an example. There is a beautiful fruit on the table which everyone can see. Some of these folks see it and deduce that it's an apple. Some want to eat it. Some want to know why it looks different. Now everyone has one understanding that it's an edible fruit since it looks great. Then suddenly a botanist comes there and tells everyone that it is the deadliest poisonous fruit in the world called Manchineel. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief that no one ate it. 
Now was the fruit poisonous in the first place- yes, it is. Then were all the people who judged the fruit were wrong about it- yes, they were. What happened there? Everyone was judging with their limited knowledge which consists of memory, intellect, reasoning capacity and the like to conclude about that fruit. Was the fruit provoking it? No way. It is in it's inherent nature to be poisonous. Whereas our mind, senses, intellect, memory, etc., was used to decipher it. It was judging with whatever it's limitations are and whatever data that existed. So it couldn't be right. So if you see how you make judgements, which are based on concocted facts and not the truth. 
Imagine the Ivy League selects candidates based only on their essays, which are copied by experts who know how to crack it. Even the graduate tests can be done by assistants. So the selection process is flawed only since it is based on some skewed reasoning with limited criteria. Today you cannot gauge the persons intellect based only on some tests. There are those who might not have completed their graduation but have cracked the millionaire code. Does the badge of graduation or some fancy degree give us the super intellect? It may help but the intellect comes from within. 
So we are always judgmental about people and things in life based on some vague parameters. They may be based on flawed reasoning too. So know that it's our mind that uses logic and deduces. Based on certain fixed data and tools available to us as memory, reasoning, deduction, etc..  
So coming back to where we started, sometimes people just by silly reasoning derive certain results which may be unsuitable. So they tend to judge others based on incomplete data. Which leads them towards anger and frustrations.  
So if you go by the colored glasses you wear the world will appear different colored reasoned on your individual deductions based on flawed logic. So a word of caution to all those who believe in whichever theory today, like the creationist or Big Bang also, they cannot base their reasoning on whatever data you have. There is always something's that will appear different a few years later. 
You may like a person today, whom you may hate tomorrow. Or some countries may be enemies today may turn out to be great friends tomorrow. Everything based on some weird logic based on few criteria. In an ever changing scenario of the world you can never make a firm statement and abide by it since that firmness will change with altering scenarios. 
Now you will understand why true spiritual and divine beings do not bother about anything at all. They live in the here and now and never profess to possess any knowledge. All because material worldly knowledge is uncertain. 
Only one thing is certain which never changes and that is the Supreme Divine Consciousness. It's non reactive and yet permanent. It's not colored or cannot be altered too. No one can use their normal faculties to understand that. No one can reason it. Only those who have that divine knowledge know it. Yet they will never attempt to make you understand since you will only used flawed logic and mind to decipher it. 
So in the material world don't be judgmental and arrive at some conclusion based on your minds analysis which you might have to change. So why not be ready for any changes in this world and universe? Be flexible and ready for anything. So now remove those red goggles. 


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