Never Ending Story Of Survival

6:15:00 AMKrishna Rao

The never ending story of survival. There was a scene in Mary Kom, the movie where the heroine has to give an apology letter and she is then publicly humiliated. Yet, she had to go through the ordeal. Later, the victorious heroine is cheered by the same government official for winning a riveting match. Here the story is about humiliation and subsequent winning the glory back. 
Mostly in our lives the victory never happens. You are brought down on your knees and your perpetrators are glorified and honored. Why does this reverse happens? The villains should be punished and the heroes should win, isn't it? That's called justice according to you! Yet, the dirty villains win and the true heroes loose. It's terrible mismanagement of justice, you believe! Ask most of the people around you and they will agree with you that in this world you can never win with truth and honesty. Look at the politics and wars around you. The wrong kind of people are the winners. To convince the logical human is impossible. He believes there is no scope for honesty and cleanliness in dealings. 
The college seat goes to the undeserving. The jobs go to only those who have the strongest influence. The girl goes to the worst character on earth. Money and fame lives in the house of the unrighteous. Corruption is rampant and growing like the hydra monster. 
The weak always have to apologize for someone else's mistake. The diligent employee is always hauled for failures, whereas he is the only one trying really hard. The lazy folks get away with murder and are never hauled up for anything. 
So you wonder about the fairy tales which you have seen since childhood. Were they anywhere near the truth? Does Sleeping Beauty meet Prince Charming? Does Cinderella become the queen? Your story may not have the same ending since your world is tainted with realism and truth. Your Cinderella will become a housewife and live working hard all her life giving birth to children and slogging away to motherhood. Snow White lies in the coma and finally they take her out of the life support system and kill her. She becomes an organ donor and her cadaver is used for experiments. Such gruesome ending you would visualize for them! So where is the hope for a better tomorrow? 
But man lives on hope and by faith alone. He hopes in the worst case scenario to be victorious and overcome his nightmares. He fights for survival. He struggles to keep afloat. He wishes on a star. He knows that he has the indomitable spirit which fights hard to survive and go towards victory. He believes there has to be some ray of hope. 
Think of the child who is trapped inside the mothers womb, hoping that some day he will see the light. Struggling and squirming in that confined space working hard at getting out. Hoping that someday someone will rescue him or push him out. Or some strange hand pull him out of the gurgling mess he is floating in. Then that miracle happens. He is pushed or pulled out. He survives the ordeal and knows that there is hope always. He learns in his mothers womb that he should never give up since there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 
He also learns that he can survive without the tubes which gave him life support. The doctor cut them off before he could be independently surviving. He understands that in hope lies freedom too. He understands that he is capable of breathing and eating on his own. He doesn't need support at all. He learns the essential lesson on freedom and survival. The fight to win is ingrained in him for his entire lifetime. 
So returning back to the main story, the fight for survival is the highest mahayudha faced by man. It's his Mahabharata and odyssey. It's his spirit that soars and the will to float. It's the one great breath after the surfacing. There always is the great light of hope at the end of the tunnel of darkness. 
So fight and survive. Win the Great War of life. Pursue the goals relentlessly without giving up. The spirit has temporary setbacks. The Yuga never ends. After the fourth comes the first again. Kali might be the goddess of destruction but She is also the Mother of Rebirth of the next life. So keep hope and faith firm. 


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