Inherent Nature

8:53:00 PMKrishna Rao

What is your inherent nature? Why do you want the owl to wake up in the morning? 
Why do you want the dog to sleep in your bed? 
Why do you want the monkey to wear a suit? 
Why do you want the tiger to become vegetarian? 
Why do you want the soya bean to give milk for tea? 
Why do you want the ice cream to be made with coconut oil? 
Why do you want your musical genius son to do an IT job? 
Why do you want her to wake up early when she gets up at 11am since birth? 
Why do you expect your wife to perform in bed like a pro when she is just a plain girl? 
Why do you believe that you will come in first rank when you haven't studied at all? 
Why do you think God will do a miracle when you haven't even worked for the job? 
Why do you think that a millionth particle will cure your disease with homeopathy when you are living in the same poison whole day long? 
Why do you expect the police to solve your case easily like Sherlock Holmes? 
Why do you think the government agent will not take bribe to do your work? 
Why do you think the news columnist will write the truth only? 
Why do you believe the officials will not be corrupt?
Why do you believe the bank will not charge you for every transaction, after using your own money? 
Why do you believe the teacher in your kids school will know a lot about kids behavior? 
Finally, why don't you accept that it's the way in which the world will behave? 
That's called inherent nature or the nature of a man inherited from past lives. 
A man who is lazy and refuses to move is like a cow or a pig. 
A man who drools at women would surely lech like a dog! A man who loves night out would surely be an owl. 
So know the inherent nature of man and stop trying to change him. 
The nature is embedded after numerous lives, so make use of that and don't go about being a change!!!
That nature of yours is your strength and not a weakness so utilize it to the fullest. 
So give a night job to a night owl and that will serve the purpose of life for that individual. 
Hope you understood how to leverage the so called weaknesses which are actually your strengths. 


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