Comfort Zones

11:02:00 PMKrishna Rao

The truth about comfort zones! Why does a person become comfortable in their position and doesn't want to change the situation? What could be the secret recipe for that seamless torturous journey? 
A bad marriage and a terrible relationship would still make you leave the place and look out for fresher options but not our star cast. They love to wallow in the degrading relationship and enjoy the torture. 
Have you noticed people who live in government housing tend to overlook even the worst discomfort like the water shortages or garbage disposals failures? They know their government cannot perform such menial tasks with perfection so they do not expect much service. 
Similarly the bank is used to charging for every small services rendered or otherwise. Even the photocopy will be chargeable. After using your own salary and deposits, they penalize you for every transaction. The bank customer has learnt to accept all the banks vagaries! 
In a marriage, a woman may go with stars in her eyes and a heart full of romance and come out bruised and battered. Yet, she supposedly maintains her sanity to stay within the family. After all, who will care for her kid? She is not a disrupter or villain in an household. She has  the capacity to bear the pain, endure and with a tremendous capacity of forbearance, she continues to live in that life to become a martyr! So that tomorrow her child will praise her or build her a memorial! 
Abusive relationships are such great breeding grounds for everyday martyrs. Pedophiles, spouse beaters, masochists, sadists, blackmailers, etcetera thrive in everyone's lives. Maybe there was an intolerant parent or a spouse, priests or a teacher in school, friend or an enemy, wife or husbands, in laws or neighbors, we all love to meet such people and learn to become excessively tolerant. They can railroad and crush our complete freedom, yet we live with patience and persevere towards building a better society and human beings. 
Standup comedians are so sharply critical about such doggone relationships, that they tend to elaborate vividly with sexual innuendoes. But they tell you comic bitter truth. We laugh at them and their jokes and once we are back to our comfort zones, we are back in our shells. 
You may wonder why no one has been able to crack this code as to why a human being succumbs to such atrocities? Why are they becoming comfortable and enjoy this torturous life? Do you have any answers? No? So let me give you a hint. 
Have you noticed a wolfs behavior? Maybe a snake? A sheep? A donkey or a parrot? Have you noticed the pig roll in the muck and eat crap? Have you understood the irritating call of cicada or squirrels? 
Do you believe by changing the environment the pig becomes gentlemanly? Those who are used to a certain environment and find comfort in their own get into their own groove! 
Enough said. You are capable of drawing your own conclusions, as to why your mother always sighs or picks up stuff without a whimper! Your wife goes to the kitchen without prodding. She allows you to reach your orgasm and is never reaching hers in a long time. Your boss yells his head off and you shut your ears down. 
Tough life we all lead and we love to get crushed in the mountain of abuses. Man truly had a great sense of forbearance towards their perpetrators perversions! So enjoy the roll in the gutters of self torture. Be a martyr and have a blast. 


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