Simple Tasks

8:48:00 PMKrishna Rao

The simple tasks are the most difficult ones to perform. Do you know the toughest thing for any human beings to perform are the most menial or mundane tasks? 
Ask the child to pick up things that he has strewn on the floor and he cannot and will not do it. Tell the employee to sign the muster in time everyday and he won't do it. Later on he will want to know why he got paid less. Wasn't he doing his job very diligently? You should omit that little aberration of reporting, see? 
Tell someone to send out their resume and they will conveniently forget that and curse the universe for not giving them good jobs. 
You might surely know that your boss is the worst mail writer on earth. He can never communicate well so he tells you to write that silliest four lines in the report. You wonder how come he was promoted to the position of a manager. You are sure he hasn't even passed the school exams. It's not that he doesn't know how to write, but his job description teaches him to delegate and not do it himself. Of course, he is not expected to do, but he should be qualified enough to explain the simple task like a pro! Which means he should be an expert doer first. But he won't do. 
Switching off the lights when you get out of the house, forgetting to pay the electricity bill even after putting a reminder in the phone, ironing the clothes previous evening for the next mornings important interview and so on. 
We have been taught in school- a stitch in time saves nine. Procrastination is one of the major reasons why a man doesn't do the silliest tasks. Sometimes he blames his moods and depressions. At other time he gives the reason of 'no inspiration', no pen or paper, or the computer not booting up and so on. Sometimes he can offer you the most stupidest reasons that anyone can ever imagine. 
The greatest reason is the most obvious one- I forgot! But acknowledging that he forgot would be equally tougher. So he gives umpteen reason for failing to do that meanest task assigned to him. 
Why doesn't a man know that for the smallest reason the war could be lost? Imagine leaving a small nail in the middle of the road could cause such great accidents? Or a fishplates dislodging from the railway line? A simple tyre burst could crash not only the flight but the airline too. 
When will we be able to drill it in the head of that man to do the job in time and simply? 
Imagine the sun rising just about a minute late? 
The learning needs to start right at birth. Don't we program our own computer, language decoder, washing machine, etcetera? So telling simple tasks to children and then making them do it systematically will help them do jobs later with meticulous care. Then they will pay attention to even the minutest of details. 
Giving attention to detail and fulfilling the perfect requirements is a must. 
So fill out the form carefully, answering all the questions with appropriate answers. 
Doing even the meanest or silliest of the tasks with perfection is making yourself perfect. This perfection leads us to Godhood. So be that perfect One! 


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