What Is Your Name?

9:18:00 PMKrishna Rao

What is your name and who are you? Where did you come from and where are you going? I was reading this article which asks whose baby you are if you are born in a flight. Are you from the country from where you boarded or the destination country or the country you are flying on? No one can tell. Also if you are crossing the international date line or countries with various time zones, what time were you born? 
These are very ambiguous answers to give. No one can say with vehemence where you actually belong and which country you are from. 
Now take the case of places which do not have any country to call its own. No mans land could be Arctic or Antarctic. Or tomorrow you may birth in space too, so which place would you refer to your country of origin and what would be the time you were born. 
Now you were born from some frozen embryo and someone birthed you, some other took you to adopt, again the confusion would be who your parents are. 
All these above confused statements will tell you that there is nothing that can determine your birth, time, place, parents, hospital, foster parents, country or whatever. So when there is so much uncertainty what makes you have so much attachments to some parent, country or time? You have absolutely no way of determining that. 
So which nationality passport you carry is a very weird way of saying you belong to some country. 
So why are you fighting for your flag or country? Religion or community? Male or female? I am sure you can never say what sex a persons leaning is nowadays. So anyone who says with vehemence that they are some devout nationalists, I wonder what they are talking about. 
The one thing that is permanent is called the divine. That is God alone. He is common to one and all. So if you believe in some other thing or person, place or time, remember that God is not governed by that. He is far removed from any kind of attributes. God is omnipotent, omniscient and beyond everything tangible or intangible. You cannot say that he belongs to one and not another. 
So the only thing to believe in is God alone. Know that He is everywhere and you are a part of Him alone. Of course, you can call her/him or Him or Her and nothing changes. 
So say with absolute truth that you are part of God, have no idea when or where you were born since you are eternal. Nothing determines you. No one can call you theirs except God alone. You are the child of God! 
After getting confused more and more, I don't think we should tackle the next big question- why are you here? So let's meet up again for more confounding and confusing questions! 


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