Evil Begets Evil

9:36:00 PMKrishna Rao

Evil begets evil only! 
Once upon a time there was a jungle where a ferocious lion ruled. The animals were an oppressed lot since their king demanded a live bait every single day. He roared and growled and made the animal shiver with fear. 
One day a clever jackal visited that jungle. He came to know about the law of this jungle. That day was the last day of the rabbits life. So when he saw the chubby rabbit crying, he said that he could help the rabbit escape. 
What if the lion were to die with treachery? The evil jackal devised a heinous plan. 
He said that the rabbit could make a stew of a dead rabbit and tell the lion king that this stew could be used for his appetizer before sacrifice of the live rabbit. 
The stew was mixed with exotic herbs which would put the lion to sleep and it was made very delicious. What the jackal didn't tell the rabbit was it contained the poison of a deadly weed. 
The rabbit cleverly carried the hot stew to the lion king. The moment he went in front of the king with that the lion demanded to know what was in it. The rabbit told the lion what the jackal had asked him to say. It was an appetizer. The king was pleased but was not convinced that it wasn't a trick so he asked the rabbit to first drink that stew. The rabbit drank a cup full. Since nothing happened then, the lion too drank it. 
In a few minutes both were completely out. 
The jackal came and first attacked the dying body of the lion and killed him. Then he made a mince meat of the rabbit and consumed him. 
Little knowing that the rabbit also was poisoned, the jackal also died because of his deceit, after eating the poisoned rabbit. 
Peace came to the jungle after the lion departed. Even the deceitful jackal was dead. 

Sometimes we too resort to deceitful means when we want to get out of a troublesome situations in life, but we should remember the universe is the judge who is watching. Every evil act will come back with evil results. And yes, there will be innocent casualties too for whom you will have to pay also. 


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