Why Troll?

9:08:00 PMKrishna Rao

Why do people troll? 
A young boy opened his Facebook page and while scrolling seemed to have pressed the like button of a state which is at war with some other. He got into big trouble not only from his state government but also got trolled by thousands. There was so much venom spewed on the poor hapless guy. 
We too sometimes get into such troubles unknowingly. Try appreciating the wife when you are in front of the mother and you will get a blast from the past from her. She will not only get you updated as to how she took care of you during some vague disease of yours to some other strangest incidents of mothers supreme sacrifice. And now you have the gall to show sympathy for your wife? 
Recently the daughter of a prominent actor who died in mysterious circumstances was privy to so much venom that she took a sabbatical from the website. Too many speculative stories were printed in the media about the actors mental condition and financials! You may wonder why do people take to such dirty talk or spread such ill will amongst others? 
Humans are known to let loose their tongue or spread bad vibes for some personal gains but these are people unknown to them. Then why is there such ugly talks? 
The genesis of all this is loneliness and as the social media suggests you should never be alone. The term social media itself suggests that we are all social animals. Should I take the liberty to calls ourselves that we are socially animalistic in nature! 
We all have to talk, mix around, blabber, look, see, circulate, have sex, read Fifty Shades and do all sorts of things that are socially acceptable. 
Now did you notice how your heckles raised up? Fifty shades??? Guruji! What the f are you talking about here? That's unacceptable to you? But doesn't it show you a way of chattering about me? I give you enough feed to talk bs about me. 
All that the mind needs is a trigger and it is just searching for that one subject to extrapolate on. 
On one side we are talking of opening the media for all kinds of social behavior and on the other side we want to muzzle it and kill it. Take the case of politicians who win elections on the strength of their tweets and the same when elected gag the same media since others start talking about them in a critical manner. 
So what do you think is the solution? Running away from the social media. Not putting on the laptop or the apps in your phone? Shutting off your eyes and ears? Going about yelling everyone down to drown their noise. To shout the loudest? 
Please understand there is no way you can run away from this tiger. You cannot be an ostrich or shut your eyes and say the media doesn't exist and harm me. 
The social scene is going to get hot and moist sooner than you can think. You cannot avoid. Everyone had a mouth and other parts of body to play along for criticizing you so you better be aware. 
The same goes for God and atheists. For atheists God is non existent whereas He exists. Just because they say that he doesn't exist, God is not going to cease existing. In the same manner, just because religious people don't like atheists, they should not exist? The atheists do exist. No one can shut the other out. 
Similarly, criticism is going to exist. So will trolls and viruses. 
The only way for the spiritual folks to not get affected by these things is to focus on the divine. When you are in love you cannot see or observe the world around you even if they are talking shit about you. In the same way, when you are deeply, madly in love with the divine, you will not bother about other frivolous stuff. 
Single pointed Devotion to Divine and unconditional love for God is the only one method of shutting the cacophony of trolls and gossip. Be immune to all of the above when you are focused on God. Let the rest do what they want to. Why are you bothered so much about anyone? Let them be and you just be yourself lost in the Divine. 
So why not see a million shades of God alone instead of some gray stuff somewhere? 
I love maya and have the attitude of live and let live. She is my own creation and my best friend. I use the same medium to convey to you my own message through social media. So it really does not matter what you say or do as long it is on the path of Dharma. I use social media to convey that same message of Dharma using language which your mind understands. So my writings are interspersed with fifty shades and all other stuff too. 
So to end it now, let the world do what it wants to. You just do your stuff. Be lost in the Divine. Tag God, send friend request to Him, meet your Guru on the net, learn about everything relevant and stop being a troll. 


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