Focus On Your Own

5:07:00 AMKrishna Rao

Why don't you focus in your own growth rather than meddle in others peoples issues? Don't you want your own progress to happen? 
I have often been branded a deserter of traditions and a person who succumbed to mundane life. But I have never cleared the air for most of these allegations. Neither am I going to change that mindset of anyone here. Since I am not bound by anyone to clear my antecedents or change their perception about me. 
Some folks have left and gone but never bothered to seek explanations. In spiritual world we do not stop anyone who wishes to go away, since it's within their hands whether they wish to pursue the studies further or not. Since they had in the first place turned to spiritual, they have the power to override the karmic rules. Unfortunately, they prefer to forgo that privilege and get off in the middle of their spiritual progress.  
Spiritual relationships are not as fragile as material worldly relationships. Spiritual ones are eternal ones. Those who miss the path this lifetime, can come again in the next or the next one and start from where they left off. You may leave the spiritual masters now but you will have to come to the one again at the next possible opportunity. It could be this lifetime or the next. 
Till the ego is not subdued or the wrong perception is not cleared the progress doesn't happen. Letting go of ones personal ego and getting out of the delusory aspect of Maya, man has to seek the same lineage of Gurus. 
Faith and trust in ones own Guru is a must. That criteria has to be followed without omission. Judging ones Guru by our own yardstick is not permitted in the spiritual world. Ones spiritual master is ones own so he cannot change anywhere. The spiritual master may be a great deceptive being, yet he is the one for that person. You can see it from the material domain. Ones teacher comes from our own spaces. The master of magic will have pupils of magic alone. Likewise, every subject or domain master will have their own domain students. 
Doubts destroy the relationship with the preceptor. You are like a child who is told to jump from a small height and the father catches you. If you do not have faith in your Guru, then you can never learn from Him. 
The idea is the disciple or devotee having any kind of doubt or suspicion about their Guru, then they will never be able to progress further in spiritual. The disciple should never be concerned with what the Guru does. His personal affairs are no concern of the disciple. Again, the Guru tailor-makes the disciples teachings and teaches him as per his own judgement. But if the disciple has any doubts about the Gurus methods or techniques applied, then the disciple looses his spiritual progress. 
So stop doubting the spiritual Master. You have no right to question His antecedents or methodologies of teachings. Neither do you have the right to poke your nose in His personal life or doings. You are there to learn spiritual and it is important to focus in that alone. So don't bother about the rest at all. 


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