We Love To Blame Others!

6:21:00 PMKrishna Rao

Just think how we love to blame others for our own mistakes? 
I haven't written for the last few weeks and was contemplating on not writing for the rest of the year. But I guess it needn't be like that at all. So here I am checking out on your reading skills. 
Truthfully, my teachings are complete and I should not be repeating the stuff more often but human nature is such that they don't seem to learn even after multiple close calls. Repeated warnings in life don't draw the human being in learning what they had read or heard before. 
Anger for that matter is a dangerous incendiary device. It lights up on its own without much ado. The trigger is already set to explode. You just need a reason to set it off. 
External objects are always considered as the culprits and blamed for the set off. But mind you that is not the case. The device trigger is in your own mind. It is the weapon inside of you. Let us see here how that works. 
A child is crying on the plane. Everyone is fast asleep and suddenly a loud wail is heard. You immediately flare up since you have been rudely woken up. Now you put the blame squarely on to that child. But ask yourself, is it the child's fault or were you not aware that the child's inherent nature will spark off that wail. 
Likewise, we blame the bottle of liquor for making us drink. Is it the bottles fault or your own minds? The bottle of liquor is anyway filled with the intoxicating liquid and it's inherent nature is to make you tipsy. So what makes you think that it's the bottles fault. See, you don't have any control over your own self. So stop blaming the universe for whatever that happens in your world. You have the choice to stop yourself from committing that error or mistake. You can surely say no to the bottle of liquor. 
Now let's see it from another perspective altogether. 
There is a beautiful woman sitting next to a really handsome young man. But he is not showing any interest in her at all. He doesn't even observe her, neither does he look up. She doesn't seem to exist at all. Suddenly, another young stud turns up and this fine gentleman takes notice of him and talks animatedly. 
Isn't it the same case with a teetotaler who doesn't drink? The bottle is non-existent. He may continue to ignore it completely. This happens with those who can completely shut their mind out to such enticements. 
So then why blame someone else or some object for your own misfortune? You are solely responsible for your difficult state. So stop blaming others for your anger or disturbed state if mind. You got to understand that never is the universe responsible for your misfortunes. So stop the blame game. We all love to pass off the blame to someone else. 

The ones who take credit for everything are born leaders. They stand up to whatever they do. 
A true leader or boss always decides and takes the decisions needed. He never shies away from decision making. He knows for sure the outcomes. There could be two definitive outcomes. Success or failure. If he is successful, he knows that he has to move to the next step. If he waits to gloat on his success then he will never reach the higher goals. So he just moves on to the next destination. 
If he fails then he knows he should try again. So he put in more effort to become successful again. He has to try harder. 
Now the last part. The leader never blames anyone else for his decisions, even if it leads to failures. He knows that there is always a lesson in failure. He has to learn that and stop making the same mistake again. He has to put in more efforts to succeed. 
Only the ones who are weak and incapable of decision making give reasons and blame others for their failures. The worst person blames God or some other invisible source for their own misfortune. 
If you got to know, God isn't responsible for anything at all. Your own karma from the past life has fructified and has brought you the misfortune. The theory of karma states that you will get a lesser womb if you were to create that karma, which makes you fall down the chain. So you are given a chance to recover and rise higher in this life. But the tendency of humans is to stop themselves from rising higher. They love to wallow in their own misery and fall down. 
Having told you how to rise higher, start taking decisions for your own growth. Stop blaming others. 
So do what you got to. Stop blaming the universe or God. Be your good self. 


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