Life Is Unfair!

1:45:00 AMKrishna Rao

Life is unfair, they all say! Tell me one person who doesn't blame life or God or society or the government? Everyone does and will continue to crib about it all life long. So why do people whine and suffer always? 
Take the case of a mother who talks about life being unfair after her child was born with disabilities. Or the woman in office who complains all the time that her boss gives her the short shrift. Or the tenant who curses his landlord every-time the sun shines inside his bedroom, for not sending that long promised curtain rod. The man who curses the traffic and people on the road for his late-comings every time to work. 
The idea of the complaining man is too common to be thrown aside. Tell me one sphere where you do not find such people? You serve them the best meal and still they will crib about it. You take them to the best plays and they will crib about the air conditioning. You show them the best and still they will talk about things which are irrelevant. Why do we all love to crib so much even if there aren't any reasons to do so? 
Have you seen any employee who hasn't been bothered about the boss? Unless and until the boss is the drinking pal or having an affair with that employee. Otherwise, it's always a love hate relationship. Even if the employee is a performer and the boss is an efficient person, the down line will still complain. Those students who come way behind in school or college, blame the school, teachers, curriculum, test papers, friends or whatever they can name but the one thing they refuse to acknowledge is their own efforts. 
Now we can see a girl falling in love with a married man and knowing fully well she will never be able to get him to marry her, she blames the world for being unfair. She thinks God has been unkind to her and she deserves more happiness than ever. But doesn't she know what she was getting into in the first place? 
Some people get success easily or as the world believes, they actually don't deserve it! But who are these people who believe that the successful people don't deserve it? 
These are the failures or people who haven't tried. They have offered the most unlikeliest of the reasons for failures. Never have these people acknowledged that the ones who are successful truly deserve it or that they themselves never did. 
Acceptance doesn't come easily to such folks since they are used to putting the blame on others. The easiest scapegoat is God and luck. When they say they have been very unlucky, we all pretend to sympathize with them. Don't we? The underdog is always to be pitied upon. The woman who is battered or the one who becomes a martyr is considered pitiable and worthy of your sympathy. 
In reality, do you really believe such type of people need to be pitied? They should get a kick in their rear for blaming others for their own incompetencies. They should buckle up and work harder than they believe they are doing. Remember, after they have used their own yardstick alone, they have failed. They need to buck up since this world is very competitive. Performance is the key. Non performance should never be rewarded. 
But like they say, even the fox with the shoe on the ear becomes a king of the animals. 
There are no sure shot reasons for short term success in today's world. You can see the stupidest of ideas get the most following in twitter or vine. There is nothing unique, yet success comes to the stupidest ones. But it doesn't last long. To become consistently successful, only hard work pays so don't tell me examples of people who have got instant success. 
So for all you "reason givers," stop giving silly and stupid reasons and start putting in hard efforts. They pay in the long run and it's a long haul to success. So persevere and stop the blame game. Don't you say that life is unfair. Life will be fair to you if you are sincere to life. So stop cribbing and start working hard and smart. 


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