Religious Or Atheist?

7:53:00 PMKrishna Rao

Who is right- the religious or atheist? Why is it that there are very intelligent people who do not believe in the existence of God or other supernatural powers? Are they not believers in science and other such arts which are not proved? 
Surely, archeology itself is not proven or neither is distant planets or stars systems real content is proven in reality. It's just hearsay since no one has gone there or can go there today. Again when they reach there then some aspects will come true and some won't. But then what is the truth? 
What I mean is that thinking how the world was then by certain theories doesn't prove that it was like that then or there. You cannot be present 3500 years ago to talk about what the Pharaoh did then. Similarly you are not on that planetary system to tell us what's happening there since you are here on this earth now. Stars about tens of light years away cannot tell us what's happening there now. Can they? 
Today we believe in gravitational theory or laws of attraction or repulsion since we conduct some experiments. Some points are proved and we assume the whole is the truth. Just like yoga. It proves that you become calm and peaceful or de stress yourself by yoga. Does it mean that yoga is the ultimate answer for anything. Not at all. You can do the same by meditation or just taking a holiday to the mountains. By being with nature, you can be peaceful or calm too. Or for that matter taking drugs to calm yourself. So there are multiple answers to that. Which just doesn't make one prove that the specified remedy is perfect or that answers all. 
There will be number of answers to prove Darwin right and wrong as well. New theories will debunk Darwin or prove him right. Similarly the Big Bang theory too. Some will prove it right and some wrong. Some will come up with newer theories to replace the old. 
There will be Randi's or Dawkins to tell you there is no God and there will be the Pope or Shankaracharya's to tell you about His existence. They may bet millions of Dollars or just their life trying to prove or disprove that. 
The same people who debunk then come around to some spiritual stuff in their life. Some who are diehard believers of spiritual turn against God. Both cases are possible. Martin Gardner, the science writer and diehard rationalist hoped that there is afterlife. Similarly, Buddha who believed in Hindu Gods turned away to establish His religion. So either which way both theories are sustainable. Neither can be debunked. 
But what everyone forgets is that
Spirituality is not about anything tangible or known to man by reasoning or with the mind. It's about spiritual. That which makes you believe or disbelieve. That which puts life in a bag of bones or that which proves or disproves science or religion. 
Spirituality is all about spirit or the essence which forms and runs everything. The fire and heat in the sun or the light in the burning of gases there. It's that which makes one alive. 
Every other thing is subject to natural laws since everything is made up of the five elements. Air, water, fire, wind and ether. God is not in any dimension or up above. Since you will look for signs, there aren't any in this created stuff. So stop looking there. 
Does all that prove Darwin true? It does and doesn't. Let's see here how. Is there any number between 1 & 0? Yes! 1/2.  Is there any between 1 & 1/2? There is three quarter and between three quarter and half. There are tones of it so don't bother to find out. Similarly between two species there is something to fill the gap. So will it prove Darwin right or wrong? Neither! 
In spiritual, we say- if you firmly believe in something, it will be there and if you firmly disbelieve in something, it won't be there. So take it or leave it. The true spiritualist doesn't argue with disbelievers since it's that persons belief in rejection. The same spiritualist doesn't debunk religion since the religious believe in that. To the true spiritualist there is God and isn't, science is and isn't. For him there is Maya or illusion and isn't.
The real Spiritualist is not disturbed by anything at all. He just lives in the present and is lost in Himself alone. He is full of Himself since everything is within Him alone. He just is! 
Accept all and live life to the fullest with love and compassion is His motto. 


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