We Forget Our True Nature!

6:39:00 AMKrishna Rao

We forget our true nature in life sometimes. How much do we actually give up for someone else? Don't we sacrifice and forgo for the loved ones in our lives? Should we call it human sacrifice or self-sacrifice? 
You are a bouncy and chirpy female and yet when you meet the man of your dreams you want to be that someone whom he wants you to be. You loose your entire character and become docile or whatever he demands you to be. 
This character change is seen in every human being. The woman becomes a mother and forgets her ebullient character. The same person who had so much of fire or verve in her becomes someone whom she herself cannot recognize. Why does a man change his or her character? 
Sometimes somewhere you get to see that glint in the person. Rarely can you find that quirk or characteristics difference in them. The man too undergoes a dynamic change. He had friends and was the life of the party and now that he has settled in an householders role, he becomes domesticated. Who would believe him to be the one who gets home before sundown or the one who has restraint while drinking? Who can say with vehemence that this is the same person we knew many years ago? He no longer smiles or has any social life. 
Some day the mold will break and destiny may change. Someday the world would turn around into what it used to be. Someday, he will get a shock about his own morphing and he would fight or revolt. 
Every human being undergoes this metamorphosis in life. He becomes someone else. But the inherent nature cannot remain hidden forever. Someday it will show up it's lovely head. Some rare chance will get that panache back. 
You all have that inherent nature in yourselves. So you need to nurture it and give it a chance to come out of that unnatural shell you have put yourself into. Get out and show what you can do. Go and shine. Keep that flame alive. The power gets hidden due to some overpowering objects in nature. Bring out that fiery flames and fan them for your own good. You are capable of much more than you imagine yourself capable. Bring those dreams back to life and soar above. Be free. 


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