What Is Unconditional Love?

6:03:00 PMKrishna Rao

What is unconditional love? You have heard men and women profess unconditional love for each other, but is that unconditional love? If it is based on unnatural desires and piles of expectations, then how can it be unconditional? 
There are various kinds of love. Between two siblings, mother and child, parents and children, between friends, between relatives, colleagues, etc.. Then there is love between two people- man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, etc., or between paramours, lovers and spouses! 
All of these above love's are punctuated by desire and lust, greed and wants, needs and demands, wishes and expectations. Even lovers are so possessive about each other that they at one time become too obsessive and demand undue attention. This leads to complete disaster and breakdown. 
Today, we have concepts like open relationships and booty calls. Of course, it is all about sex and desires. You can have numerous names for that. But you have to understand initially it will be all about conditions and conditions. Later it becomes still more tedious and is called companionship. Any which way you look, it is you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. 
Even when there is understanding between two people, the secret disruptive element will crop up and destroy the relationship. Suspicion, deceit, cheating or lies are truly the bane of such relationships. There is absolutely no chance of any kind to restore the relationship. 
Even in the spiritual the so called devotee also has a huge lists of demands from god. All relationships are biased and blurred by these supposedly asks and wants. The false devotee brings flowers, sweets and puts in the collection box certain amount of money to ask back from the same god lots of money, good salary, spouse and kids, jobs and good health, wealth and success in their undertaking. Safety in life and great death and so on. So what are we talking about this so called true love? There is never a speck of true love in this world. 
I have heard people say that their mother loves them unconditionally. Try this out at home then. Tell your mother that you have found another woman who considers you as her dearest child or show her some stuff which points out that she ain't your mom. The entire outlook changes for the same woman who calls herself as your mother. Look at the different cases where she is willing to kill her young-one at the behest of someone else. So many fetus are killed in India and so many abortions take place too. The father is worse than the mother. You read of so many stories of rapes and child abuses. So what makes a person believe that there is unconditional love between parents and children. It is still very much conditioned. 
No lover or couple can say those words too. No spouses or siblings too. 
You will say that I am too skeptical about the term unconditional love. Yes, I am! Since I know for a fact there isn't any unconditional love on this planet earth. 
So let us see what is the meaning of the much distorted term. Unconditional love is unconditional. Which means you cannot have any reasons or causes for loving. You do not have motives or desires to fulfill in that love. It should always exist and cannot deteriorate even after sometime. There can be no feeling other than happiness or bliss in it. It should always be full of itself and ever effulgent. 
That love can only be from God alone. God can give us that even if you cannot see Him. He never says that you have to perform certain things to deserve that. In one life you could be god and some other demon, in one you could be animal and other human. Still the love of God doesn't undergo any change. He gives you all the things that you need and desire even if you do not believe in Him. Haven't you seen the non-believers get lot more than the believers? Does it show any bias of His? So how do you have that kind of love back for Him? 
To have unconditional love for God, you should be merged in Him alone. There can be no differentiation in you and Him. You should keep very tiny ego to know Him but not so much as it can cause arrogance to rise in you. Constantly being lost in Him alone. Having no other preoccupation in mind. Purifying the mind and filling it with Him alone. Being one with Self which is God alone. That way you will be having unconditional love alone. 
The one who can actually teach you about that unconditional love is God alone. He takes a form so that He could teach you about this beautiful stuff called unconditional love. That is the Sadguru who is truly the divine being- as we say here Sakshat Parabrahman! So learn and be One with Him. 


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