Russian Roulette

6:58:00 PMKrishna Rao

We love our regular Russian Roulettes. 
I have a very important meeting tomorrow. I have to get my presentations ready and my figures have to be upto date. So wake me up early and then I will sit and do it. I will have five hours in hand before the meeting. 
You know how it is. My MD is an idiot. He doesn't care for anyone. He just wants to put everyone in trouble. Even if you do well, he will still complain. I never understand why I am still continuing in this company. I hate it. Anyway, I will be fresh and ready for whatever that happens. 
               NEXT MORNING
I am feeling unwell. I am unable to get up from bed. 
I have so much to do and now I don't think I can make it. 
H: So why don't you sleep off? Maybe you should tell them you have fever or flu. 
How can you say that? You know this is a very important meeting. All the board of directors will be there. How can I take off? Don't you have any brains? How can you talk like that? 
H: See, I was just trying to be nice to you. You told me you are not well so I suggested that. 
You are a smart one to tell me that. Can you not be gentle and kind to me? Instead of that you are just pulling me down. 
H: Where have I said anything like that? I was only suggesting that. In case you are sick and still want to go, why not take some medicines? Maybe you will be fit and fine soon. 
You just want me to be sick. Don't you enjoy my failures? You hate it when I am doing well. Why do I need to take medicines now. They put me to sleep. You want me to doze off during my meetings? Anyway, I hate taking medicines. You know that well. 
H: I was just trying to make a conversation and keep you in good spirits before your stressful event. Anyway, do what you want. 
You are not helping in any way. Why do you always have to tell me that my work is very stressful. I am not able to handle it anymore. You just put me down always. I just want to go away somewhere. I hate this world and you will never understand. 
H: c'mon I am not such a dreadful person. Just yesterday, I told my colleague how to get out of her problems and she thanked me profusely after that. Why do you think I am trying to be trouble for you? 
Now you really pissed me off. You just love to rub that in me. That bitch of yours at work is just trying to grab you. She knows she cannot get you so she comes with her problems to you. 
H: Now, what have I done? 
You, I know you. I just want to die right now. I am unable to bear this any longer. F..k you and f..k her. You go to your lover and stay with her. You don't love me any more. 
H: I can't handle this any more. Why the hell did I get into this stupid argument, I really don't know. I am going. 
Yeah, that's the only thing you know to do. Run away when there is crisis. You are the rat who leaves the ship first. Go away. 
Next Scene. 
She is sitting in front of her computer and completing her assignment. She finishes it in time to go to her office. Her notes are completed. Forwarded to the required people. Time for the meeting. 
Good morning, sir! Here is my presentation. Please let me know if there is anything missing from my preso.  These are the rest of supporting documents. 
Thank you sir, for the opportunity given by you to lead the team for presenting this to our clients. 
Similar scenes get played out in most of the lives. Yet, we never get tired playing out this deadly game of Russian Roulette. 


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