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3:07:00 AMKrishna Rao

What is good food? Everyone thinks that they know the truth to a good healthy diet. Some say they should have greens only, some say fruits, some nuts, some say cut out the fat completely and others say go for some company advice. So which one is right? 
What is right for a tiger or lion? What food is right for the eagle or the sparrow? What is good for the cat or the dog? There is the right answer for every question here. But let us say the same animal moves to another place or location, then the diet changes. Take the case of snow lion or eagle in arid regions. Some change becomes necessary. Take the cow for instance. When she was free and wild, she grazed in the meadows. When she was taken to feed by her owner, it was to some grasslands. Or he fed her hay, later he fed her oil cakes and other bran products. Now he feeds her cow feed which comes from some manufacturing unit. But you have noticed she still gives white milk. Enough of these animal examples. 
In humans too, we have undergone tremendous change. The cities or villages changed, the climate changed, the dialect changed, the food changed too. 
So what hasn't changed. The man is reluctant to change. Some do while most of them don't. 
From food grains to processed foods has been a momentous journey. Changing hues all the time. The humble flat bread has undergone such wide changes. It became flat bread, base of pizza, base of tacos, base of so many things. At the end of it the ingredients are the same. Some grain flour and some binding medium along with flavoring. Do you find anything new in that? The filling or taste changed. The ingredients which comprises of taste has undergone change. But the bread remained the same. Some flour! Veggies too are the same, so are other meat and eggs. They too are not different than before. Legumes or basic foods like potato etcetera are never altered. Surely you may say they are GM foods. I won't dispute that. GM foods are a part of our lives. We eat and drink them every single day. Take  the eggs or sugar consumed. Also the substances introduced from birth in the name of medicines or baby foods. From epidural to artificially made baby foods are synthetic in nature. Check up on the supplements on baby foods, if you don't believe in me. 
So then why are we cribbing about some foods in general? That's because anything taken in excess causes harm. Or even anything consumed in least is also harmful. Any shortage of vitamin D can cause so many problems. Excess of it too causes problems. So what is it that I recommend? 
I would say go with the times and eat what is your idea of good food. The milk today is not the same as yesteryears so don't bother to get that old fashioned cow milk. You may get it but your stomach has adapted for the newer products. Remember Darwin's law of evolution? Everything has undergone change, except your stupid mind. It believes that you should eat like a sheep or goat or like a herbivorous animal from the past. If the cows today can eat hormone filled foods and even your chicken, don't you think you are already ready for the future. An artificially induced food addict! So why are you stopping yourself from not consuming the burgers or pizzas? Or the sugar filled colas and fruit drinks which are stuffed with calories. So you ask me what you should do? 
Simple stuff says, eat healthy, good food. Eat palatable varieties of food stuff. Drink only that which your body can accept. Don't do anything in excess. Eat food in moderation. Have a regular lifestyle. When sick, go to the doctor and take medicines which work. Imagine you take medicines which have to work over a period of time and you die? What use is that medicine if you are not alive to enjoy the good health? So stop being silly and take remedies which work. Today it's age of internet and quick deliveries so why are you resorting to old methods which are impossible to adhere to? Take modern medicines and recover quickly. 
You have only one life to live today, so why steep yourself into some restrictive practices? 
Think how silly our mind works when we believe every child is taught martial arts in China so all will be like Jackie Chan or every human being who practices hatha yoga or pranayama will live for a long time! 
The only positive benefits of doing yoga with a teacher is to meet sexy people in yoga pants and the idea of every person is how to get into those! Exchanging visiting cards and phone numbers and getting laid or laying someone are great benefits of any such classes. 
Health benefits apart, if you do yoga, it will help you no doubts about it. So will martial arts or walking or going to gym. So stop thinking that some one particular stuff helps. 
Likewise some stuff works in foods and some doesn't. Use that great mind given by God to understand the truth. Why not eat what you believe is good for you? The idea of good healthy food from the ancient seers point of view doesn't exist now. If you think that you want to buy stuff without any newer chemicals used as pesticides or nutrients, then you look for the 'organic' label. But think whether it's the truth? Labeling something as environmentally friendly doesn't mean it won't be unfriendly! Your stomach which is used to some stuff mayn't agree with it. Who knows? So why are you sweating about all these things so much? 
Just eat healthy or that which you think is good for you. Know where you live and eat local food. If the food agrees then you will be fine, otherwise you will puke it out or your body will reject it otherwise. Every day in life you take ample risks so if you are knowingly eating stuff which contains GM food, why curse or crib? Enjoy it anyway you will die some day. Just follow your good health guidelines set by your body. Stop eating stuff which tastes like puke or horse dung just for keeping track with some silly fad called slimming. 
You have been given taste glands for tasting not wasting. Teeth for chewing not gulping unchewed food. Stomach for digesting and not using it as a godown. Intestines for digesting and absorption and not for breeding ascaris or tapeworms. And a potty hole for evacuating the unwanted stuff and not for any other activities like reverse feeding. So use your body as the best guide for diet. Understand your body signals and feed it in moderation good healthy stuff. 
Last bit of advise for all you paranoid folks- STOP LISTENING TO OTHERS! Look at their size for few months and observe their health. If you are convinced then go with them otherwise you are a better judge. Maybe you should rely more on your own judgement alone. After all it's your good health or your funeral. 


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