Your Guru Is Your Hack!

7:02:00 PMKrishna Rao

So you think your Guru is your hack? You only seek Him out when you are in deep trouble. He is more like a general physician whom you visit when you are really sick. You take your medicines and off you are on your way. 
So why not consider Him for disease control or for prevention of serious problems? Strangely, you say you did the same. You came to ask whether you could get married to your girlfriend? You expected Him to tell you not to fall into the trap of material worldly whirlpools, but He on the contrary told you to get into holy matrimony! 
Tell me something new! Something that has troubled you, like your company wants to throw you out or you and wife have had a terrible fight and she is seeking divorce? So what is your issue now? Some devils to drive away from your world or is it about fixing your salary? You have some deadly disease or you are not able to conceive? There is some trouble in your world, otherwise why would you think about your hack? Your Guru is a single stop solution provider who does it gratis? 
Your business is in doldrums or your case has troubled you a lot. You need funding for your company or to bail someone out. Your exams are round the corner or your results are going to be disastrous. For any and every problem there is a single solution, go to your Guru and ask! I want and I desire are the only refrains in your world. 
The Guru is your 'go to' problem solver. He is the one who provides solution to your most difficult issues. Has it ever occurred to you that He is not to be considered like that? He is there for one reason and that is your spiritual weal alone. But what do you do? 
Just the way you use your microwave to heat the foods whereas it can cook, thaw, braise, etc. etc.. You make use of just that one function and buy for yourself the fanciest of the instrument. Don't you think it is a sheer waste of a resource? 
The Guru is the sole way or path towards spiritual liberation, which is liberation from birth and death. The cycle of continuous births and deaths and movement into different bodies and time taken to traverse that path. Of the time taken, you would be amazed to know that for being a mosquito it may last for a few hours, but an oak tree a few hundred years. Imagine yourself as some stone, then the time taken to let go of that would be eons! Transmigration from body to body is a hugely time consuming phenomenon. Then again to go through the karmas by itself is extremely painful experience. Imagine your fate of becoming blind or lame throughout your life, or getting caught like a stray dog to be transported to some country where you become dog meat! Sounds terrible? 
The Guru teaches you the path towards liberation from this transmigratory existence and escape from pain and pleasures too. He shows you the path towards emancipation and freedom. He releases you from bondage of attachments to things and people. 
When the Guru is capable of giving you that highest gift, then why are you going and asking Him for some trivial stuff? Imagine yourself standing in front of the goddess of fortune and begging of Her for few thousand dollars. Whereas you could ask for the moon. 
By doing some satsangs once in a while, or meeting Him to wish Him for some occasion is not called learning about freedom. You have to show your willingness to learn and stick around till you can get the grace fully. It is a long drawn process towards emancipation. Do you think it can be compared to your degree or school curriculum? 
It requires constant study under His able guidance. So stop being an idiot and think that by meeting Him once in a while you can get knowledge. 
So now I ask you what are you seeking from this Guru of yours? Some trinkets or liberation? Do you think the time that you spare for Him or should I say towards your own freedom is it sufficient?  Are you sure you want to be free from the bondage of this world? So then seek Him out right now and don't waste your precious time. 


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