Health In Your God's Hands!

3:58:00 PMKrishna Rao

Your health is in your own God's hands! Diseases, illnesses, operations, phobias, manias, outgrowths, ingrowths, coma, etcetera etcetera are all considered human issues or problems connected to body, mind and the like. Some are curable and others aren't. Some go away with medicines and some with surgery, some with therapies and some with meditations, some with exercises and some disappear with time. Some go away without any idea too. 
The ones who can solve or answer these issues are called doctors, psychiatrists or psychologists. Some have very grand sounding names with very big degrees or educational qualifications attached after their names. You need solid knowledge to pinpoint or diagnose the sufferer correctly. Then they need the right tools and implements, pills and powders, potions and liquids to quell the issues. Some therapies go on for months or years like the cure for cancer and some get relief instantly like gas problems. 
Some people can work while getting treated while some cannot. Some need complete bed rest or holidays. Some get trapped into analysis alone and some in therapy. Some get used to prolonged or permanent dosages or some go for it once. 
When nothing works as remedies then people turn towards the unknown. These are sometimes completely silly therapies like going to some ghost buster, tantric, mantric, quacks, astrologers, palmists, reiki healers, pranic healers, homeopathy and other arcane methodologies of healing. These mayn't be time tested but could be by means of word of mouth recommendations. 
Finally when nothing works then people turn towards God or some such being who is invisible and without any physical evidence of curing. Prayers and methods of prescribed worship are recommended by known proponents of this methods. They ask you to take holy baths or drink special waters, light candles or incense sticks, kill a goat, chicken or cattle or give some other offerings. Some do send you to faraway places to cold icy locations, sit in some body contortion postures, follow some body abusing processes and so on. 
Now on the other hand there are voodoo magic or faith healers who profess magical powers and millions follow them. Are these people dishing out wrong remedies or are they telling lies? The answers according to modern science is these are charlatans and fake practitioners. There is no logic in their healing process, yet the ancient texts or scriptures speak about them with high regards. Why would the so called holy books or ancient scriptures do that? There is no need to tell lies or teach falsely. So there must be some valid reasons, why even the so called gods followed these methodologies! 
When we go to the depth of the matter, we realize the ancient folks weren't idiots as the modern day so-called educated man thinks of them as! They had their valid reasons and they believed in certain systems which we have forgotten today. Which doesn't make them out to be silly or stupid. 
These old folks spoke of diseases and afflictions as beings or creatures, demons or ghosts. Were they wrong or were they delusional? 
These pains or afflictions were connected to the human being or their minds. The diseases were connected to their inner workings of the body. The afflictions were more caused by certain elements which caused disruptions or disturbances in the body. 
Certain substances cause some dreadful reactions like narcotics or alcohol causes the body to loose control. Excesses causes problems associated with liver or other organs. The brain activity becomes be-numbing. Some other being takes over and the man behaves like a demon. Ask yourself whether you call such a person devilish or not? 
Similarly, in certain parts of the world diseases like smallpox etc are called the goddesses(Devi). These are destructive forces in the body. Yet they are referred to as goddesses. Why would a great sage or knowledgeable person call them goddess? It's because the world inside the human beings were designated as worlds of gods, demons and earthly domains. The demons and certain other disruptive forces were cause of diseases or pain. These ancient people recognized them as inhabitants of such systems, like heavenly or hellish domains. 
Similarly the pleasure giving or curative properties were associated with gods and goddesses. 
I guess by now you must be having the right direction in thinking about your own body or you may think of me as a complete lunatic, throwing up such weird theories. But just for a moment listen to what the sages said. They said the power of the divine is within us. Which could mean that we have every known power within this small frame of our body. The power to destroy germs, bacteria or viruses. The power to deflect powerful diseases or afflictions. The power to heal and be healthy too. Everything done in moderation can heal us but anything done in excess can cause destruction. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, body abuse of any kind are surely methods of destruction. 
So give credence to your body which is a host to 330 million Gods and Goddesses and work with them to rid yourself of diseases and afflictions. Create a harmonious world within by staying healthy, thinking positively, exercising, working constructively, leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping all the internal worlds safe, secure and healthy! 


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