A Modern Ashram?

7:14:00 PMKrishna Rao

What makes a modern ashram? A very strange question was asked by my devotee about songs and dances. If my likings are the latest numbers on the charts and MTV and the dances too are the latest trending ones, how would I allow them in my ashram? Seems implausible? 
Think about the concept of an ashram first. What ashram are we talking about? An ancient relic or some modern one?? 
The long haired babaji doing funny kinds of sadhanas or raping young nubile girls like the modern babas? Silly as it may sound, there are in existence the ancient schools with Stone Age rituals and customs. Would you believe the Gods still wearing ancient ornaments, kilts, bare chested et all and roaming around the modern day universe? 
Your imagination doesn't permit you that since why would some Stone Age relic appear and you are expected to show reverence to Him? Why would God appear like an old man of age gone by? If that dude is the Master of the creation, shouldn't He appear in the latest clothes? With some great studded jewelry from today's age? Maybe a Rolex watch or some other great brand! Why bare chested at all? Why not with the latest in fashion garments and shoes to boot and behind the wheels of the latest driving machine! 
Now that you can visualize the main man as the modern fashionista, why do you expect His dwellings as some ancient cave or jungle based ashram? He would have the latest gadgetry in His dwelling place and gizmos too. He would carry the latest iPhone and communicate with the latest in computers too! His food habits too would have undergone a change. He would be a junk food enthusiast and the latest fads would be adopted by Him. Would you believe the God to search for some jungle barks or saps and fruits, river water to drink, etcetera? He would definitely be seen trending at the latest in Starbucks or McDonalds! He may be shooting selfies, uploading on Vine, tweeting His latest exploits, uploading latest updates on Facebook, Instagramming his images, etcetera. N'est ce pas? 
So what would be my concept of a modern day ashram? It would definitely be the latest types of dwelling places with modern amenities. The gadgetry also would match today's decor and household appliances too will be the latest. Vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, toasters, grills, et al and why would you think that I would settle for some crappy stuff? Do you believe I would have some slow open air roasting going on, when there is so much furore over environmental issues? Even the latest ashrams would have to conform to the government rules and regulations. 
If we cannot recognize the Gods in ancient costumes today, thinking them as some actors in some play, why would you expect them to appear thus? So they would have to appear modern, right? Similarly, the sage today may teach the age old age wisdom to his disciples, but why would he masquerade like the ancient seer? If the Pope or the Dalai Lama goes around in the latest aircrafts and drink from modern cups, serve as club bouncers too, why should I be anything less? Nothing stops a human being to being modern and yet fully knowledgeable about the truth! So why would you expect me to behave like some ancient dude? 
So my ashram will have all the modern amenities, gadgets, gizmos, etcetera. The music or songs sung would be the latest numbers and the dances too will be the latest. 
But don't expect me to behave like an ancient foggy. Know that I wouldn't like to be called a hypocrite and hence I will belt out the latest of Arjit Singh songs or Lady Gaga numbers, dance to disco numbers, eat burgers, drink capuchinos and dress in the latest trends. The only difference is I would make it modern within affordable limits only. 
So be ready to get floored by this modern sadhu baba who would never be a hypocrite and an ancient relic. I would never preach false principles and teach ancient wisdom without using modern contexts! So come and experience the latest with the most ancient knowledge conformed to today's age. Be my guest, but at a price of learning ancient wisdom using latest techniques. All at a cost, what says? No free lunches even in the heavens! 


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