Never Listened!

12:57:00 AMKrishna Rao

Ultimately, you just did what you were supposed to do and never listened to me. Then you went and blamed me for getting you in trouble. I am always to be blamed for all your disasters in life, right? 
Do you see the familiar situation in your life here? Ok! Let me explain to you then you will know  it better and agree. One situation would be somewhat like this. You stood before God and prayed that you are going out for the late night out and you should not get drunk or sloshed. Finally you don't want to get laid too. So, you pray hard that the good God doesn't give you the opportunity to fall or fail. But what happened then? You did exactly what you had gone to do. You drank like a fish and found yourself doing that. The next instant was remorse and anger at your own self. But then it was not right to get upset. You had asked God to save you from that situation and did He save you? No way! On the contrary you had to take the morning after pill. God is to be blamed for all your problems in life. 
Now that you got the gist of what I said, think about it. How many times have you blamed God for messing up in your life? Always. He never helps you ever and put you into bigger troubles every time. Like the last time you had a religious celebration and you ate all that fatty stuff which was anyway going to add layers to your already bursting paunch. You hate all that sugary and creamy stuff and yet were obliged to eat. So now you are overweight. All for God! He made you fat. 
The other time is when you had to go to your parents house and meet all your obnoxious siblings and their stupid relations. Wives and unruly kids. You have to buy gifts for people whom you don't like one bit and to top it all, you have to be the most idiotic person in the room without a boyfriend. You couldn't invite your lesbian friend anyway. That's taboo. All that happens because God wanted us to celebrate thanksgiving. What a waste of time. Then the same applied to Christmas. They waste so much of money, getting the place ready right from the beginning of December. China becomes rich when we buy all those silly decorations and Christmas tree. To top it all, most of your friends are atheists and don't believe in God. Isn't God to blame for the sheer waste of time during the Christmas season. No work gets done and every office is closed. Man days wasted all because of some God. Bah! 
You had such a fantastic opportunity to repay all your loans and clear your liability in a single shot and then an opportunity of a lifetime appeared. You asked God if you could for the last time invest in it. You put all that you had in that hair brained scheme and lost everything. It was all Gods fault. He could have warned me about it or stopped me before I burned my house down. Now I am in further debt and my old debt I am unable to repay. The only one to blame is God. No one else. 
Now God was listening to all the complaints and wrote out the following message. 
I have given you the power to make use of that wonderful mind with the capacity to reason properly. These tools are available with you even in the worst case scenario. I have told you I live in you. Why would you want to contaminate your being which is my church or temple? You have been taught the scriptures and given the idea what is right and what is wrong! You have also been made privy to information what happens to people those who disobey my universal laws. Those punishments are just deterrents and not to be taken seriously. It's just a word of caution and stick method used. 
You have also been given the knowledge to visualize how it would affect your future or kids or family. You cannot say these progressive dreams or thought processes are just stupid?  
You have been given multiple warnings and experiences too. Your experiences should make you understand that there is no such risk taking situations. Only one idiot wins the prize and you are not that idiot. So weren't you cautioned well in advance? Doesn't your past experience teach you something's. 
Now stop blaming me for all your troubles and take the onus of the blame. If you really have to do it then take precautionary measures. Haven't I made such stuff for stupid people like you to use. Anyway, you know you are insured, protected and cushioned. After all you turned towards me even after blaming me. I love you my dear one. Go and get sloshed, screwed, pregnant, bankrupt or whatever ditch you want to get into. But don't forget to remember me even in that state. I have my rescue team in place. Go ahead and get damned. See you in hell! 


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