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Health Is Wealth!

11:56:00 PMKrishna Rao

We know health is wealth and we need to take care of it seriously. I just met someone a few days ago and he was completely laid up in bed badly bruised, broken up and bones cracked at multiple places. He couldn't move from his bed and has to perform his entire daily ablutions in bed alone. I can hear the sadness pouring from your voice now. After all he is just a teenager and that's the worst part. 

Then I landed back to Bangalore and found people suffering from various illnesses too. Some were crushed by arthritis and some by sciatica, few others by the common cold and then a few more by some tough obstacles like PCOS. Everyone was under treatment and medication. 
After observing all these and assessing my own troubles, I realized how much a man suffers every single day. The body is such a fragile instrument for everyone of us. Whether the trouble comes from outside or inside the body, we surely buckle up and feel completely vulnerable. The human body is prone to defects and disturbances. Whether the germs plague us, accidents on road or just our plain stupidity which sprains us, the road to recovery is painfully troublesome and costly. 
Medicines and treatments aren't cheap, neither is hospitalization or therapy. The cost of all these above has shot through the roof, even if you are covered by health or other insurances. So how can the spiritual world help you out? When most of these folks meet the spiritual person, they expect that individual to help them out by alleviating their pain and solving the vexing issue. So let me show you some methods which you can use. 
First and foremost do not discount the allopathic medicines or surgeries suggested by trained doctors. They know best since they have studied your problems in their medical schools at a very high price. So trust the doctors and their judgements too. They know what you should do or not. They will prescribe you the stuff which will cure you. 
Next we come to unconventional medicines and therapy. Stuff like exercises, yoga, meditation or physiotherapy also works magic. You can take their help and get rid of those aches or pains too. Always be sure of what you are getting into before you begin your treatment. Don't go to quacks or those whose knowledge is incomplete. Nutritionists or gym instructors need to have professional qualifications, so do all those who practice the cures. 
I will personally not recommend you to go to those who practice stuff which has no scientific basis. So avoid all kinds of people who promise you the moon at costs which are prohibitive or just obnoxious. Trusting these folks who have absolutely no learning from science or ancient medicines need to be dumped and never entertained. 
This is not the Yuga for incantations or magic potions so don't get conned into it. Stop doing some rituals which have no proper foundations. 
Psychology plays a very important role in curing a person. Psychologists and psychiatrists too are great curers of sick minds. I have personally seen placebos work magic. Headaches or simple pains go away by just talking or overcoming that tenacious mind. Trial is a must for all of us when we are undergoing such issues. First give that mind a chance to overcome the infliction. Give therapy to your mind first. Tell it that you are fine and go about consulting the right person. 
Even before the 911 or the ambulance arrives, it's important you start with the therapy whichever is applicable. The precious moments that precedes the coming of the medics are extremely important. Get on with the treatment which is suitable. Maybe resuscitation or tourniquet is needed. So do the needful. 
Now after you have read the above, you will wonder where has the spiritual aspect come into picture? Let me assure you all of the above is needed even before people like us come into the picture. I would definitely insist on treatment by logical methods first. It's only when you aren't able to arrive at any cure, would I suggest these unnatural ones. 
I always will teach you to first get hold of your mind. Which means overcoming that one which always shows you the downside of life. Like it would show an accident victim that he will never be able to perform simple tasks. So get over that stupid mind and strengthen it to overcome that. I am sure there are so many real life examples of people who have overcome all of that. You will have to struggle with it first and put in your hard efforts and you will surely win. You gotta try to get out of that doubting mind of yours. 
Places of worship, magical waters or fountains, amulets or esoteric stuff plays an important role for cures in human life too. I won't deride it or disown all. Before a person does that they need to see the validity of such claims. Verify these things, get absolutely certain that these things work and then get in there. But I would caution you too. 
It's your belief in your own self which makes you hale and hearty so why don't you first give yourself a chance to overcome these defects? Get strong in body and mind before you hand over your entire being to them. Remember, it's your faith alone which is at test. 
Funnily sages have cured people by stuff which wouldn't be counted as safe. Take the case of Saibaba who gave peanuts for loose motions, biba seeds or semecarpus annacardium juice was poured in ones eyes, stepping on someone's toe are extreme cases for cures. Though these are dangerous things to do then. So what is it that cured one? It's by faith alone. Belief in that divine being was responsible for cure. 
Only if you have unflinching faith in your Guru can He do the needful and get you out of misery. Otherwise nothing works. It would be better to go through conventional means before you develop faith in Him. 
Don't get conned by people who practice other forms of cures or give medicines which can trap you throughout your life. You will keep on paying through your nose for treatments which can be got otherwise by regular methods. Beware of people who promise stuff which can never be ascertained by science. Aren't you educated enough to understand that? So don't get fooled by stuff and conmen. Magic is only for Harry Potter and not for you. After all it's your life. Guard it with care. 


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