Futile Deeds And Wasted Life

9:02:00 PMKrishna Rao

Futile deeds and sheer waste of human life. There are people who cannot even afford a one dollar haircut and there are those who spend $200-300 just pampering their bodies! There are people who cannot even spend 50c on their one day meal and then there are those who spend a thousand dollars in food alone at one time. Seems silly to you? Ask these people and they will justify their spending. 

Why do you think there are such huge discrepancies in the distribution of wealth? Some have it all and some don't even get one square meal a day. Then there are those who don't have it and yet expend every little penny in their drinks, drugs or bad habits. Why is a person driven to penury sometimes and at other times he wins a lottery? What logic is there in this world to support this wealth and money creation or destruction? Is there any study or research which gives one the formula for success? 
If you look at history, you will find the greatest civilizations like the Egyptians, Incas, Indians or Persian disappeared along with its wealth. Even as recent as Shah Pehlavi of Iran, Marcos of Philippines, Bir Bikram Birendra of Nepal and many more just were snuffed out of their ostentations suddenly. 
Now come to right here and now. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Elison, etc..who are sitting on their money and wealth will disappear sooner than you can say- A to Z! 
A few days ago there was an article about expensively branded butt wipes and everyone here was aghast at it. How can someone spend a bomb on wiping their asses? It seems ridiculous and downright stupid. Likewise, when people spend a ton of money in a Michelin restaurant to eat some aesthetically laid out food. We go to such lengths to prepare separate food with different tastes, textures, smells and looks and then shove it down one stomach only. Everything in the stomach gets mixed and churned around into a pulp for digestion. Would you admire your own puke now? The same Michelin or tasty food which you thrust down your throat. No way! 
Similarly, the silly hair cut or whatever you spent a bomb on grows back again. You are again ready to splurge some more. It's exactly like you move to bigger premises and more amenities the moment you have more money. Take your star hotels. You started with BnB and now you stay in seven stars. 
For one single day- called the day of marriage, a man spends money like water, nay like shitload! Why does he do that? He goes to the extent of borrowing way beyond his means too. Does he do it to pamper himself or to show the world how big a fool he is going to be? Soon, he comes to know that marriage is worthless institution and he is ready for divorce and separation. So what about that ostentatious behavior? Dunking loads of money down the toilet hole. 
Imagine the girl is never going to use her wedding gown again, neither her headgear. So why would she spend so much? 
Having had sexual intercourse earlier a thousand times, the couple go for honeymoon to some faraway place. Just for a series of copulatory acts? Just a few days ago, a young man proposed to one young and completely sloshed woman to sleep with him and he was willing to pay a hundred thousand to her. Just for 17 seconds of pleasure? Doesn't it sound absolutely ridiculous? 
In the world of spiritual, the adept looks at everything with complete detachment and dispassion. He knows it's a sheer waste of this precious life and time which he has been granted to move higher into spiritual. The spiritually perfect beings don't involve themselves in any such frivolous activities. Any kind of movement by itself constitutes performing karma. That shouldn't mean normal human beings are allowed to slack off from work. They haven't even come close to becoming a sadhaka so that rule doesn't apply to them. That's why I said 'spiritually perfect.' There aren't any such types in this world today. 
So Prakruti makes one do what she programs for that man. It is as per the karma which he has come here with. Man falls further by creating more karma. He is supposed to just use up the old one and not create newer holes for himself but he does. He falls down. 
Hence there is expert service available from God in the form of Guru. He teaches you to walk and then stride. He takes you through pitfalls and saves you. He shows you the path of liberation. He works with you in honing your tendencies and dissipating your karma. 
You will then do what is needed in this world. Even if it means getting married to someone and wearing fancy clothes or getting costly haircuts. The Guru teaches you to walk through these instances and never to get carried away by worldliness. So catch hold of your Gurus feet and work with Him in destroying your karmas and liberate yourself forever. 


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