The Next Thing?

4:04:00 PMKrishna Rao

What's the next thing for man? Should man stop in the present and dwell on his achievements or should he search for newer answers? Now what's next? 

You attended all these stress free and calming down classes or happiness lectures and gathered so much information there. Later, raring to go, you did all that the course recommended. You ticked all the action items and finished the whole to-do list, got what you wanted and now what? You have come to a point, where you wonder what are you going to do next? 
Now let's see how history has shaped up. The Master of Psychology went cuckoo and lost himself to his own creation. The greatest comedian who made the whole world laugh, committed suicide feeling depressed and lonely. The world conqueror died in his own prison at the hands of his son and heir. The religious leader was killed by his own disciple by poisoning him. The spiritual teacher created a demonic self out of his own pupil, who considered him as an impediment in spiritual progress of world and destroyed him. The person who denied ethical medicine finally succumbed to it after she couldn't cure her own children by natural medicines. 
Does it show you that nothing is permanent in nature and everything moves dynamically? You can come up with solutions but they will always be falling short of sooner than you can think. There is no absolute answer for peace or happiness, whatever any religious or spiritual guru may say so. Tomorrow you may have a whole load of new issues which cannot be managed by age old remedies or solutions. 
Do you think that medicines from the past could cure the diseases of the future? Remedies from the past can never solve our current issues. With the newer strains of bacteria or viruses, man can only pray and hope that the old method works but it doesn't! We still don't know the cures for cancer or dengue, common cold or even the silly headache. 
Spiritual masters from the past called women as inferior beings. They cajoled you to think that women are to be treated like servants and used like domesticated animals. Do you think that should be applied today? The same women will be ruling your nations. We cannot use the yardstick of yesteryears since everything has undergone transformation. Again, children cannot be subdued or forced by using the stick method. Law will not permit you in using such methodology. 
So the question opens up again- now what? 
There always has to be innovation and more exploration. Man can and should never stop. People who throw religious texts at you quoting old and archaic verses or paragraphs should know that it no longer applies to the realities of today. There has to be newer interpretations for the progress of the society. 
Does man have patience or perseverance like the ancients? Would he sit for days on end meditating or not doing anything at all? Are there any places like retreats where he could loose himself forever? Modern technology brings the remotest of the places closest. Earlier man would go to harems to watch porn but today he has it on his laptop or other devices. 
Man was earlier the stronger one but today he performs tasks like a domesticated servant to his own significant other. He takes care of rearing children or takes off from work to stay at home husband. The wife has more education and qualification than him. She brings more money than him. So, can the man apply his old methodology using archaic techniques for being the head of the family? He is now the tail and no longer the head. The man does more makeup than the woman. Was that the case in ancient times? 
So in conclusion, I will ask you not to apply age old formulas and expect miracles today. The modern man or woman are not relics from the past. They do not have patience to apply technology from some old books. They need modern methods of problem solving. Check out the disparity between the nations ruled by iron hand using ancient methodologies and the modern ones. 
Shortly we will set up base on different planets or distant stars and there the earthly laws won't apply. Likewise the teachers too cannot apply age old training methods of boarding schools or discipline which is too harsh. Adapting to modern methods, using tablets or computing devices, they have to transfer knowledge to their students. Governance happens by the tap of a key or waving hand in the air. Something which never would be thought of, today man uses thoughts to control sophisticated equipments.  
So don't stop even for a moment and use some moth worn texts to interpret future. You can use them for reference but not for implementation. Don't think there is peace in meditation or visiting retreats. Using dynamic methods and modern technology man has to find answers to his vexing questions. Wisdom from the past is a good starting point but not for application today. Fresh interpretations are needed. So don't stop now! Move on.  


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