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5:17:00 PMKrishna Rao

We love words of great people. We love to adorn our walls at home or put them up as quotes on our Facebook page. These are profound or very deep words which moves a person. Great leaders, religious personas, sportsmen of calibre, business persons who made it in this world, superb actors, fighters of great causes have all uttered certain words which has moved mankind. 

Strangely, they have affected our life at that given moment in time. Maybe they appeared to us when we needed them the most. Sometimes, we posted them to our own or friends wall so that they would read them to change their lives. Today, they are not only static words but songs or videos uploaded which teaches man the how to live life like the one in that moving picture. 
Sometimes, our teacher has said certain words which have changed our life for the better and we have revered them till their very end. Finally, we have paid due respect at their funeral uttering them in memoriam. They had touched us and made us who we are at that moment. 
Now let's go back in time to see how words got passed down to man. Language must have evolved as a means of communication with each other. It is still evolving. Look at the newer emoticons and you will see the creation of picture and words, sounds and feelings, shapes and colors to define the right usage for man. It's a way of communication. 
The sages from the past goaded their disciples to learn the knowledge by rote. It was called shruti by them. The words got etched in the minds of these great students. They in turn passed them onwards to the future generation. Later, the written word came into being so parchment was used. Sometimes leather was used and at other times metal or stone. Etched or hammered into, these words had some more permanency. Today, we still admire the stone carvings on ancient monuments, read from pillars or decipher from walls of old structures. 
Surely, these old folks were kind enough to leave behind pieces of history, so that we could know their greatness. So knowledge was always transferred since olden times in any of the above methods. 
Now comes the crux of my dissertation, the interpretation of these words or symbols. It's very easy for man to misinterpret them. Or suit them for their own purposes. Profit from these same words by using them to their individual advantage. Today great religions and religious leaders are using them for turning the minds of gullible people. Sometimes they use it for fulfilling their selfish desires. What was mentioned by some sage then is used now to disturb the minds of these completely malleable folks. It could be about sacrifices or marriage, relationships or rituals, worship or way of life where misinterpreted words are playing havoc today. 
Women are equal to men in stature but are subjected to torture or rape, submission and slavery in certain parts of the world. Who is responsible for it? Some age old teachings or scriptures which are blatantly misused or man deliberately twisting words for his own benefit. Which brings us to the current scenario. That is of interpretation of words. 
Spiritual people use these words from ancient scriptures to make man a better human being. He could learn so much from them and benefit the future of mankind. Expositions given by sages who have no ulterior motive are extremely important. First we have to know these sages, find out their true natures, know the reasons for their expositions and thence use them for our own good living. Whether to use these profound words or misuse them is in individual hands. 
Man loves to distort words to his own benefit. So we need to be careful in how these words have got interpreted. Know what is good for you and then use them. Don't fall into the trap of another human being without knowing that person throughly. Anyone who asks you to perform rituals or take stupid steps or silly methods which are illogical, you should not do them. Like prayers to some God or some place. Tie lemons or use particular type of clothing. Go to propitiate some deity or stone statue. Shave heads or give huge donations. You have your head on your shoulder so don't attend to such stuff. 
Do know that God has given you a fabulous mind and intellect. Use it for your own good and don't get caught into the vices of people or leaders who use you for their own ulterior motives. 
So in conclusion, if you see updates by your friends quoting some great words or watch videos which shows greatness of some persons, take only that which will help you progress in life and chuck the rest. You needn't like every post of everyone just because they are your friends or relatives. Like it only if you have gained from it. Read it only if you think the words are valuable. 
All my words will have no value if you have ill will or venom in you. My life work is to put people on their true path and motivate them towards their ultimate goals in good faith. Amen. 


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