Three Meals A Day.

2:18:00 AMKrishna Rao

She cooks three meals a day. 

She has to wash some delicate clothes by hand too, while the others are put in the washing machine. 
She wakes up the two kids early in the morning, gives them the morning beverage and cookies then takes them for their bath. 
Dressing them and dropping them to school along with their lunch boxes nicely packed with their favorite snacks. She rushes back to her place. 
Thereafter, it is getting the heavy breakfast made for her employers. Two separate tiffin boxes are bundled and ready to go. 
They leave behind certain amount for her to shop for the house. Once they are safely out of the house, she sits down to have her breakfast. That would be some leftovers from previous days, kept packed in the fridge. 
Before having her bath, she tidies up the children's and her employers bedroom. Then she gets dressed to go for the bazaar. After an hour of bargaining and carrying heavy baskets, she trudges to the school. It's past mid-afternoon and the kids come running out. They walk back to the house, meanwhile telling her the menu. They give instructions just like their parents. 
She prepares a late lunch for the kids, meanwhile she rummages the fridge for hers. Then it's time to put the kids for an afternoon siesta. Meanwhile she is back at the washing machine and drying up the clothes on the line. She is running to the kitchen to clean up all the vessels. 
Meanwhile the children are up in time for the evening beverage. Then it's time to take them out to the garden to play. She sits on the bench after a tiring full day of work. She needs to recoup her energy again for the evening duties. 
Returning home she has to get the dinner ready. They need hot pancakes along with their gruel or curry. The children ask for some other type of meal. She willingly prepares that and once they have all finished, winds up the dinner table. Washing away the vessels and putting them back where they belong. 
The breakfast next morning needs a certain pre-preparation so she soaks and grinds certain stuffs. Washing away the grinder she gets ready to keep the children's clothes for the next day ready. 
Then she gets to her tiny room near the kitchen to lie down at the end of her tiring day. She looks forward to some holidays when she could just get away from this busy life. But it never happens. The total amount she earns as a house maid will never allow her to survive in this foreign lands. Leave alone sending money every month to her near and dear ones in her homeland, the money is always in short supply
The thirst for money never ends at home. Her children are grown up and she needs to earn for the little nest she has built there back. 
The struggle never ends for her. 
She dozes off tired after the grueling day. 
The alarm wakes her up to another day of furious work. 


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