Divine Ecstasy

1:26:00 AMKrishna Rao

Can someone else understand your divine ecstasy? Is it possible to empathize with someone else? Can some people really understand what the others are talking about without actually going through that situation? Take the case of pain during child birth or when you undergo a serious injury or accident, can you know that by emoting it? No way!  

No one can fathom the same feelings or emotions which a person undergoes. You can only sympathize with someone but can never deign to know or understand what they have gone through. The sudden death of a near and dear one can be the cause of tremendous hurt and pain. Likewise what the Nepal tragedy had to offer the citizens over there can never be told or recounted verbatim by someone else. 
A man can helplessly look at someone else who is suffering from the tragedy or pain but can never experience it. 
Everyone is perfect in their own place and they should bother more about their own misery than of others. Since it is highly unlikely that any other person can empathize you in your sorrow, you have to express the pain point correctly for some sympathetic response. 
You have heard stories of the Prince and the Pauper. But have you ever wondered how the Prince would have experienced poverty? Guess, he couldn't have. After living in the lap of luxury, you cannot understand poverty in any manner. It's like the Prince traveling the tube for one day and saying that he understands how the poor live. It's ridiculous when people who live in Hollywood go to these third world countries and say that they worked with the poor and downtrodden. They get their pound of publicity by doing such silly stuff or win accolades and medals. 
Sometimes to draw sympathy you will come across young ones who say they were molested when they were only teased. That is a dangerous ground to tread on since molestation or rape are grievous offenses. Those who are victims of such heinous acts need desperate help and you find some ridiculous humans trying to compare themselves having undergone such acts. Watch the talk shows and you will see such publicity hounds gaining sympathy and viewership. 
The trauma which an individual goes through can never be replicated by anyone. So when the person is asked to perforce tell the court what they have undergone, the same emotions cannot be brought out. At such times it is imperative that they are treated with caution. No words can ever describe what a person goes through when subjected to torture or rape. 
Now imagine people trying to crucify themselves to know God. It is impossible to know or experience what happened to Jesus Christ when He was put on the cross. I am appalled at people dressing their kids like Krsna and praying to them as if they have become Him! 
I am always asked what it feels like when epiphany struck someone? Can anyone say that? It's impossible to describe. Similarly, what Vivekananda saw at Dakshineshwar in the Kali temple could never be described again. He could only say that He met Kali. 
There are various disciples of mine who have experienced the esoteric ecstasy or seen the divine, but when you ask them how was the experience or what actually happened to them during that moment, they will never be able to tell you. To know that you have to go through it yourself. 
That brings us to the point, no one can replicate others feelings or experiences. So to know God or experience the divine, you have to go through knowing the path yourself and getting your own knowledge. Pray hard and have single pointed devotion for The Lord and you will surely meet Him. Krsna says that in His Bhagvad Gita. 
Not everyone is entitled to epiphany or God realization just like that. They have to work for it and be deserving. Those who have met the divine can never speak about it. If they happen to say so then you can surely doubt them. So the true spiritual beings are always silent about their experiences and knowledge. They never draw attention to themselves or seek publicity. So join the spiritual quest only if you seek the divine alone. Don't come here for public recognition or evangelical Godhood. Become silent and experience your own Self alone. Don't imitate or try to empathize with others! Get your own divine ecstasy! 


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