8:09:00 AMKrishna Rao

The man came inside looking for leftovers at a Hong Kong restaurant.  

He opened the packets left behind by customers and checked its contents. Some of the boxes had some leftovers which he gathered at one table and sat down with one half eaten hash brown. He furtively glanced around to some other tables, meanwhile gulping down the leftovers voraciously.  
My neighboring table lady opened her purse and took out a ten dollar note and kept it at hand. I guess, she wanted to give it to him. 
Seeing his terrible condition, my friend told me to give him a fifty dollar note, which I reluctantly went and handed over. He thanked me and turned towards the others at my table and nodded thankfully at them. 
The lady at the neighboring table quietly slid her tenner back inside her purse. 
Suddenly the man got up and sauntered towards the entrance. Then he did a remarkable thing. He took out an entire packet of cigarettes and tried to light one inside the restaurant. 
The server came running at the uncouth man and tried to obstruct him from lighting up. But the man overcame him and after lighting up the cancer stick walked out jubilantly.  
My friends were aghast at his audacity. 
My friends wondered, how could he waste the precious dollars on something like that? He should only use it for his food, right? 

Moral of the story: how can you call the money yours after you have given it away willingly? 
You do not have any rights over your gifted items. The right gets transferred to the one whom you gift. So they can do whatever they want with it. If you retain the ownership after handing over, then you haven't gifted it. 
So give judiciously only to the deserving. 


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