Drive You Cuckoo!

11:53:00 PMKrishna Rao

Now I got to tell you my story which will drive you cuckoo. 

When I was born, my genes taught me to survive. There were other eggs near me which I pushed out of the high perched nest. I think all those eggs were dead meat. Then one tiny warbler fellow was near me. I grunted and pecked at him. He too left the nest. I had the big cozy home all to myself. I got to feed on all these absent birds feed. The bird which fed me didn't realize the difference at all. 
My mom was nearby anyway. After I grew up she made me fly. I learnt all the tricks of the trade from my parents. They only cooed the whole day. Human beings looked at us and went gaga. They compared our calls to some of their human singers. That's why they say, she sings like a cuckoo. 
Now my family and friends don't build their houses but occupy some other birds for nesting. But I wanted to make a difference in this world. So I decided to build one for myself. 
I couldn't for my bird brain decide the material for building it. Twigs, leaves, sticks, vines, wires or whatnots! I was at my wits end. Finally I decided to have a shiny house. Wires would be great, I thought to myself. Now where do you find them? 
I tried pulling out so many but couldn't. These humans wrap the wires so strongly. Later I thought sticks were the best. But who has the patience? 
You know I really tried hard but I guess bird hotels are the best bet for cuckoos. So I gave up and settled in some of my friends nests. 
You know how quick we are in planting eggs in someone else's nest? It takes us only 15 seconds. Anyway the warbler will never notice the difference. These are all dumb cluck species of birds. You humans call them bird brains! 
Anyway, my chicks will hatch in all surrogate mothers places. They won't even know. So back to my haunting tunes. 
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!!!

Moral of the story: don't try to do things which are not there in your blood or temperament. Do stuff which suits your type, you will succeed in that. 


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