Karma Sticks!

3:38:00 AMKrishna Rao

Karma sticks! What use is surrendering to you, God? If the inevitable is anyway going to happen. 

That's a wonderful observation and I am sure you have your own reasons for saying so. 

Yes, of course. I have my own reasons for saying that. Tell me why do you want us to bow down to you when you are anyway not going to do anything about the inevitability? So why not succumb to destiny? 

You truly are one big hurt person I see. Tell me how I can work on your issue. 

Are you promising me solutions and changing my destiny? If that is the case then I will tell you. 

Ha, ha! First you have to understand what I am saying and then you will tell me what I should I do with your issue. 

Done. I will explain you my issue first then you tell me your answer. Let me judge for myself after that. 

Ok. Shoot. 

I come and regularly pray to you. My parents have told me that you are the only one who has all the answers and that praying fervently and devotion will remove obstacles in the way. You can grant us boons and perform miracles in my life. 

I think your parents knew what they were talking about. Smart folks. Continue. 

So now that I come and pray to you, why do I still think that there is destiny on one side and inevitable future on the other and that you can't do anything for me? 

That is because you don't believe in miracles. You think that God is some old man in the sky who sits there just minding the class. He doesn't do anything at all. Just like the shepherd who minds the flock. He brings the ones who tend to get out of queue or space back into the fold. 

I know that is what I think but you tell me your story. 

The truth is that there is a finality whereas your future is concerned. Which we call as destiny or karma. That you are programmed to behave exactly the way you are pre-programmed. 

If that is the case then why do we need to pray? 

Even though your life is programmed by your own destiny, which I haven't written btw, but you have been responsible for, I am still held responsible for it. 

I understand it has to do with karma. But Christians don't believe in rebirths. They believe once you commit some sin or good you have to either go to hell or heaven. 

But that is terminal. Don't you think there are those who need to go to heaven once they have repented? 

I agree. No one should suffer for a very long time. Everyone should be given a chance. 

But that won't help. Let me show you. You came to me because of the terminal illness of your old grandmother, isn't it? But her death is inevitable. Now let's take a different case so that you can understand. 

Sure. Tell me something that I can correlate to. 

Your neighbors daughter was beaten and burnt by the husband. Now tell me what did she do in return? 

Nothing at all. She suffered second degree burn injuries. Now she is out of danger. The family told the police that it was an accident. The gas burnt her. But the truth is her husband did that. 

Now you tell me what kind of judgement would you want to give him and her as well? 

I would like to burn that guy up. She should do it so that she gets even. But nothing like that can happen. The husband is politically a powerful person. 

That's right. So in some life you would like her to get even with the guy, isn't it? This kind of equalization happens and can you stop it? Would you like to change the punishment that you wanted him to have? 

No way. He needs to suffer for what he has done. Not a little less and not a little more. 

Then there is no point in asking me for some people's life extensions, health issues, death, pain, misery, etc.. Whatever a person deserves, he is supposed to get that. 

Is there a way out of all this difficult situations? 

There is. My representatives on planet are there to alleviate your problems. They take over the issues and can give you some relief. 

Who are these people? 

The sages and saints. The preceptor and what you call the guru. They teach you how to get these karma's out of the way. Not the current ones but those which inadvertently happen. They are called futuristic or agami. 

But why can the individual not remember his or her repayment or sins? 

If they did remember then it would be chaos. If you came to know your future the karma cannot happen or get destroyed too. You may want to hide from it or not keep to the commitment. Right? 

Yes. I may not want to repay since it could be dangerous or hurting. 

That's why you are not able to remember your past. 

Then what use are the prayers? 

So that you could meet your Master who could guide you out of further sins and help you overcome the accumulated past sins. I open the pathway for you to meet him. Here by sins I mean karma. Got it? 

So can I get myself a Guru? Maybe it is time for me to eliminate my karmas forever. Help me God! 

Amen! Tathastu! Look for one and thou shalt find. 


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