Point Of Living?

10:25:00 PMKrishna Rao

I don't know what is the point of living today? God, I feel completely lost! 

Why would you say that? Did something happen today at work? 

How silly can that be! Today is Sunday and it is my holiday! 

Ah! I invented the Sunday holiday! I forgot about it. I am always working. 

Why would you work on the day of the sabbath? You always took rest. 

Nowadays I don't get time and have to work on holidays also. But tell me why are you feeling so dejected? Is anything wrong? 

My usual problems in life. I don't think I can overcome any of them. Be it at workplace, home or outside. I feel let down from all sides. 

Maybe you need a little exercise. You seem listless and worried. Perhaps you can take an extended leave. 

No way. Tomorrow I have a major presentation and I cannot default. The high command wants me to present to the 5 year plan to the minister who has given us time. 

Then that should give you more of a kick instead you are moping over here. Did your girl ditch you or something? Or have you lost money? I am unable to guess your problems. 

You won't understand that God! This is not something that you could solve for me. I just called out to you in frustration. I didn't actually want you. 

If that is the case I will just go away. Sorry, I butted in. 

No, no. Stay. I just was talking in the air. You know you feel everyone has deserted you and there is no one to talk to, I tell you that's what I was doing. Just talking to myself. 

Ah, ok! So tell me is there anything I can do to make you cheerful once again? 

You know today the whole world looks at me and says that he is the happiest man. He has everything. 

Yes. I know that. You have everything that you could ask for. 

Yes. I am doing well in my job. I earn well. I have a good place to stay. My wife is great and so are my kids. I have club memberships. I travel and take regular holidays too. 

Yes. There is nothing amiss here. You are very content too. House, money, job, family, etc., all are in place. Then why are you morose? Are you upset because you have nothing else to do? Or is it that your name was found on the dating website by your wife? 

Ha, ha! I don't have to go to that place. I have a good wife and a great girlfriend too. Both are happy with me. 

Then I don't understand why you are so upset with life? You have everything and you are fulfilled. Is it anything to do with the future or today? Something happened? 

Yes. I think that I don't know what I can do tomorrow if everything were to end. The world has too many problems to deal with. The markets are falling, there is crisis in climate and environment, the rates of energy are down, the people are talking about nuclear explosions, terrorist attacks, wars, crisis after crisis', college fees and debt burdens.... You know I don't know what's going to happen and I am worried. 

How funny. That's my issue and not yours. I should worry about these problems. I get it. You just wanted to sound me off I guess. Thanks dude. 

Not at all. I am worried for myself and you too. You have so many things to contend with and I am sorry for that. This world is not allowing you to rest even on your holidays. Look at you!

You are very sympathetic and kind. I like you. You would truly be an asset to me if you were here. Should I kill you off so that you could join my team? 

No way. You could do something if you really want me to help you. I don't want to die. 

Then how do you think you could help me? 

There is a way. See, I am standing for elections here. You could get me elected by your magic. Then I will fight for climate change, eradication of poverty, energy crisis, money issues et al.. What says? 

Aha! You slimy human. You conned me thinking that you were really disturbed. 

I was disturbed, God. I need your support in winning this election. If you don't get involved in this, I will never win. Anyway now that I have your support, let me move on. I have to visit my mentor now. 

Who is that? 

You know that God! It's the devil himself. He is the great Master who knows how this universal system works. He is the virus, the Trojan, the bug in the system. 

That is the coolest hack I have ever seen. All the best human. I know you will win. You truly have all those qualities the world needs today. 

You mean the cunning and innocence too? Ha ha! Thanks God, for your support. 


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