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2:05:00 AMKrishna Rao

God, where were you when they blasted your place of worship? 

I was very much in the vicinity of the person when he planted the bomb. 

Couldn't you stop him from doing that?

No. Why should I stop him? How can I stop that which is destined? He was doing his job. It's just one of my worship places. I live in everyone's heart only. A place of worship is only one of my representations. 

He was evil. You should have stopped him. So many innocent people died. 

Yes. I know. My heart went out to those who sacrificed their lives. The terrorist was misled by false beliefs. He was brainwashed by the demonic elements. 

If you knew all that then why couldn't you stop him or tell someone to stop him from doing such a heinous act?

The demonic ones have their ways. If they are not allowed to do their ungodly acts then they cannot be called demonic, right? 

That's skewed logic. Why do you allow such villainous people to proliferate in your world? They should be eliminated. 

Ha ha. That's not what I can do. The humans have been given the tools to recognize such disruptive elements. They should use them. One tool is called the mind! There are others like intellect, proper reasoning, etc..

I don't get it. Will you explain that? 

Let's check out the drought in some country. Weren't the politicians and the people aware that there could be a disaster in waiting? They all knew it but refused to help themselves. 

You mean you gave them prior warnings and an indication what is in store for them? 

Yes. There were enough warnings and they all pooh poohed it. Don't you see the caries before the teeth become bad? Doesn't the blood pressure fluctuate before the onset of blood disorders? I always give cautionary notice. A warning for the impending problem. 

So did you give the poor hapless people advance notice about the bomb? 

Yes. There were two other incidents before this one. Also, the ones who rule knew very well about these destructive elements and they allowed them to proliferate. 

Ah. I never knew that. Then these people should have taken precautionary measures. Guess, they failed to nip the problem in bud. 

But you know very well that everything happens for the better only. 

What good can come out of all those dead folks and affect on the economy? 

They will be more cautious now and strengthen their internal security measures. Also there will be some adverse effect on tourism and foreign exchange. But it is temporary setback. They will get much more people coming there. The business grows exponentially. 

But the poor folks that died? What happens to them and the people who are dependent on them? 

It's called collateral damage. But they will recover very fast. The human spirit is very hardy. Look at Japan or Germany after your great wars.  

So even if bad happens to someone, they become stronger and much better. 

Yes. You know without evil, no one can recognize the good. Likewise, we cannot understand the value of anything till it is lost. Once that happens, man learns to respect and honor the gifts I have given to him.

That also goes for us who look up to you. We never realize your true worth till we get into problems which we can never solve on our own. 

I know it sounds silly to you when your elders or religious folks tell you to pray to me everyday. The more you love me I shall return that love a thousand folds. 

What happens to those who hate you? 

I don't hate anyone. Even if they disown me I, as their father will never reject them. I love them dearly just like you. But my nature doesn't forgive so they have to face my nature's wrath. So I tell you don't hate or deride me. Don't call me names. My nature is listening. 

So when we pray to you what happens?

Prayers are nothing but praises to me. I listen to all prayers and so does my nature. You reap benefits from my ever giving nature. 

Now I get it why all these people come and falsely praise you. Your nature gives all the wrong type of people what they least deserve. 

Don't blame her. Know that she is listening. 


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