Becoming Spiritual

8:41:00 PMKrishna Rao

What have you to say about becoming spiritual? After I have seen all this pointlessness in the world, God, I have decided I will become spiritual from now onwards. 

Ah! That's a very difficult thing for anyone to do. 

If you say it is difficult, then who will promote your case, God? 

I promote myself and I have my devotees too. We have a very sound system in place. Thank you. 

You talk like a marketeer. Why does God need to have a PR campaign? 

So that people like you can come to me for even their stupidest issues. Look at it this way, when people say they have a stinking headache, don't they come to me? The silliest answer is take a headache pill. 

That's easily understood but I agree we all believe we are in BIG trouble. Whereas most of the stuff we ask from you is just trivial. 

Yes. Something's that they can do it themselves or solve the vexing issues with some self efforts and yet they have to come to me. It pays for my public image. I am their great solution provider. 

Yeah! I can see your visiting card. God-Supreme Consultant. I can think of a byline also- systems solution provider. 

Anyway, that dream of yours of becoming spiritual is not worth it. You should first be good to yourself and near and dear ones in your own world. 

You are dissuading me from coming closer to you, is it so? 

No. I am just saying it is a very tough task. Imagine you have to sacrifice a lot of things. Start with giving up your daily beverage- coffee! 

Come on! Coffee? What does that silly drink do? There is hardly any caffeine in it. By the way I drink decaf. 

It's not about decaf but about giving up some frivolous desires. Coffee could be the starting point. Then we can go towards sugar. 

You can't cut off my sugar completely. What has giving up coffee or sugar got to do with spiritual? 

Nothing at all. It's the habits and certain desires. That will lead you to controlling the mind better. It will show your will power. 

Tomorrow you will ask me to give up my house and family too! 

Yes. Those too. Everything that entices you is to be eliminated. Sacrificing the things that you truly desire is always the starting point. 

Which means I can't wear good clothes also. OMG, that's terrible. Why can't we have a simpler system? Like buying some spiritual time from some vendor? 

Ha ha! That's a good one. Maybe I can consider that too. But I have some packages for you which can be considered. 

You are now like the travel agency. You have packages for enlightenment also, I believe! 

Some people exploit the term enlightenment and dish out various programs called levels of enlightenment. That is really stupid. There are no stages of knowledge like your material worldly types. 

Can you explain a bit, please!

Sure. Enlightenment is like lighting up a room at night by a bulb. The bulb lights up the entire room instantly. It doesn't do it in stages. Likewise, enlightened beings get a flash of knowledge and they get enlightened. So anyone who is selling spiritual enlightenment in stages is a conman. 

I understand that. Hence I don't join these classes of teachers who promise you that. But let us come to my question. Can you explain the so- called package? 

Yup. I allow you to enjoy your material worldly stuff and sufferings too. Since you don't want to get out of your desires like houses, wife, kids, job, money, cars, holidays, etc., you can continue to enjoy those. Along with your griefs like deaths, losses in job or business, divorces, court cases, poverty, tragedies, natural disasters and artificial calamities too. 

You mean you won't take away my bad karma? 

That's a wrong term to use. But I guess you know I cannot reduce any of your so called good or bad stuffs. You have to accept both. 

It is either this or that then. Either I have to toe your line or you won't help me get rid of my bad stuff. 

Yes, something like that. Enjoy all your good and bad times and only think of me alone. That is called single pointed devotion. 

You mean I have to consider you as the number one in my life. Not even my parents, spouse or kids can be given more healthy status than you. 

Absolutely right. You know that at the end of the day everything is run by me and everyone comes and goes back into me alone. So why not place me first in your life? 

Which means you are the great Don. 

Yes. I am your greatest and the only boss. You don't report to anyone else. Be my devotee and I will let you enjoy my world. 

Ah! That means it's you who has given me the parents, wife, kids, money, etc. 

You are smart. You are using my place, people, time, space and every other thing for which you will pay back with your services to me. Get it? 

Yes boss! I understand that. It seems much easier task than giving up my Mocha or Lattes! 


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