I Want To Travel!

11:42:00 PMKrishna Rao

I want to travel! Dear God, why can I not travel like others? 

Of course, you can. Why don't you? 

I see everybody likes to travel and I am so much confined to my job and family. 

Has anyone actually stopped you from doing that? 

Not really. But I think the moment you have a family and responsibility, you have to watch out for others. 

You mean these people who travel are selfish and very self centered? 

I am not saying that. But they don't seem to be responsible. Look at my friend, he travels so many times all alone. 

He does it only during his free time or during weekends and vacation. 

Yes. But during the long weekends I have so much to do at home. That's the only time I get to clean the house, get together with friends and other family members. The chores are never ending. 

But you could really plan well to spend some time outside your town. You should do that. 

You know it costs money and time and I have neither. 

Don't talk like that. Both of you'll are working and you have enough money saved. 

But that is for our children's future. We have to think about them too. Saving money is our duty and we know how expensive education is! 

What are you talking about? Did your family contribute towards your education? You took the loan and you are repaying it and not your parents. So what makes you think your kids will want to get educated with your money? 

That's true. Today kids get funded too. They find their own money. They do internships and work part time. 

So stop talking like your parent. You don't need to take out expensive policies too. Any which way, if you die earlier than the policy, what difference would it make to you if the money went to someone? 

But I got to insure. My wife will get all the money after I die. 

But let's say she gets married and finds another guy to love? Would you still want to fund her then? 

No way. Why should I fund some other idiot with my hard earned money? 

That's exactly the point. You have no clue when you are going to die. You have no idea if your money will be put to proper use. You have sweated hard to make some other persons life smooth. What do you say to that? 

But we should have insurance. You are not the enemy of the insurance companies, are you God? 

No. I don't want you to think like that. I was saying you could spend some amount on your happiness today. Rather than thinking of some day ahead when you may not be able to enjoy. 

But I have to think about the future. 

Yes, you can think about the future. But NOT AT THE COST OF TODAY! 

That's right. But then how much we have to lug around when we travel. I hate traveling with a truck load of stuff. 

You don't have to do that. Plan and travel. Travel light. Don't lug your entire house along. Keep your towels and other heavy stuff away. Use what is available and backpack. 

When you say travel light, where can I get my wife to reduce her stuff? She travels as if she is the queen of some country. 

Tell her to use few jeans and T's. Tell her how hot she looks in them. Surely, she won't mind then. You should learn to praise her. Give her credit sometimes. 

I only praise when someone really deserves it. 

Don't be stupid. Sometimes you have to do something's even if you don't have a reason. A praise goes a long way! Don't you do that to me, when you want something from me? You pray, don't you? It's called praises. 

Yes. I think I will listen to you. Maybe I have been too harsh on her. 

That also means you will have to give your kids greater freedom. You take holidays to enjoy. Don't scrimp. It's worth all your spending. Get that? 

Yes. I will take one holiday in a year and some shorter trips so why can't I take a cab or spend better? You are absolutely right. 

Before I go I am going to tell you a secret. 

What? What is it? Tell me. 

You should learn to take small holidays alone and even send your spouse on holidays alone too. Learn to get the best deals on the net. Plan and be judicious while spending. 

Yes. It's not our honeymoon or group holidays. Sometimes we all need our own space. Thank you God for the idea. 

But mind you, it will be hard convincing your spouse that you don't have a girlfriend hidden somewhere. 

That gives me an idea...... 


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