How Much Does He Love Me?

5:53:00 PMKrishna Rao

How much does he love me? I really want to know if he loves me more than his ex? 

Ha, ha! Do you humans really believe that you can quantify something as profound as love? 

But God, I gotta know how much he loves me? It is imperative that I know now otherwise there is no point in wasting time over him! 

So you want to know how much he loves you so that you can decide to invest time, etc, in him if he does. Otherwise you want to save yourself the heartbreak and waste of time over someone least productive. 

You are right. I actually wanted to say all that. Now tell me about it. 

Well, I don't know! 

What do you mean you don't know? 

I don't know means I don't know. 

But you are all knowing and this is something we learnt as children. 

Yes, I know that but about him I cannot say. There are too many probabilities there. 

What? There are only two. One is that he loves me and the other is he loves me not! 

Then go ask the flower- he loves me, he loves me not......

Don't be silly. If it could happen with flowers then why would I come to you? 

Ok. The answer is not so simple as it seems. 

So give it to me in long form then. 

Here goes. He can love you if you give him love in the same way. Equally. Love between humans is always give and take. It's like scratching the back. You scratch mine and I will scratch yours. 

Can you be more specific in it? 

Absolutely. Do you remember giving him a bj last night and feeling completely miserable after he went to sleep? You felt very much left out or like a loser since you didn't get anything out of it! 

Wow! That's blasphemous talk, God! You can't speak such stuff. 

You must be joking. I got the Indian sex journal Kamasutra written. Didn't I? 

Yes. Yes. We all love that. So please continue. 

You too need your release and so it is designed to be a reciprocal act. He should have gone down on you too. 

Ha, ha! Hearing such words from you sounds very odd. 

I invented the language and the act too. So why am I not supposed to talk about it? Didn't you see that program by John Oliver on sex Ed? 

You seem like a great fan of John? 

Yes! I sometimes watch your idiot tubes. You know, for quality checks. 

So now answer my question. 

The fact is there isn't any true love in this world. It's all transactional type. Whether it is between parent and child or between spouses. 

You mean true love doesn't exist? 

I won't say that. It does and doesn't. Both are right. Now coming back to your question, you have to equalize your giving and taking. 

You mean if he goes out with his friends then I too can do the same. 

Yes. That's right. But you know very well you cannot go out with guys for the night out. He is bound to get jealous and that would be the end of your relationship. 

I understand that much. You have to know I have your DNA too. 

You surely have my DNA. Weren't you created by me? 

That's a dicey topic. Let's not get there. I believe I came from the apes or an amoeba. Charles Darwin said so. It's called evolution. 

Yes, of course. You evolved from monkeys. That I can very well see. Anyway, you have to sometimes let go of something's if you want to be in love with him. 

You mean forgive his misdemeanors and errors. 

Yes. Just as he is expected to do the same with you. Both of you'll have to equalize and give in sometimes. Give and take and sometimes only give. 

No expectations is very dangerous. You got to give in sometimes and not all the time. He better understand that. 

Don't get upset. There will be times you might have given too much and his mind doesn't even go near to returning that favor to you. So what would you do? 

That self centered bast..d. I think I will take a call on that. I don't want to be in a relationship with a person who doesn't think about the other. 

Now you get it. It's how every individual makes the relationship out into. It's in your hands to make it or break it. 

You are right, God. Only when there is equality and the greatness of giving can that relationship survive. 

Yes. Expecting something in return makes the relationship transactional. So I say there aren't any relationship which are only the giving type. 

You betcha. There can be no human relationship which doesn't have the give and take concept. Which means everyone of them are purely transactions. 

Except the one between you and me. I don't expect anything from you. But you are free to ask me anything. 


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