I Pray To Thee!

12:58:00 AMKrishna Rao

God, I pray to thee, please make my child alright. She is unwell for the last three days having loose motions. Please God, give her good health. 

Did you drop that petition in the petition box? Once it comes to me then I will look at it. 

I already wrote the petition down. I was just talking to you making sure you will see it. 

Of course, I will take a look at it after Anthony sorts it out. He has to determine the gravity of the situation first. 

What do you mean? Am I not telling you that you have to give it top priority. My kid is suffering and I want you to cure her. 

That depends. We have to get our priority report and then we decide. 

What are you talking about? I thought you are the final authority but you are talking about some-"we!"

That's my nature, priority index, sustainability, future hedging, value add and so on. But the greatest factor is your destiny-plan! It's just like your annual budgets and sales plans. Got it? 

No! Why do you do that? You know you are all powerful and can change anyone's destiny with the wink too. Then why do you need these stupid plans? Just get my daughter out of her trouble. 

Ah! There you go! You don't even know what you asked for now! You have been given such a wonderful tool called mind to decide! Yet, you don't use it properly. 

What am I asking for? Just that you take my little kid out of trouble. That's all. Why are you making it such a big deal? 

You don't understand your own asks! You asked me to get your kid out of trouble and to do that I can kill her instantly. That would put her out of trouble, right? 

Don't twist my words. That is not what I asked for. You are really heartless. I asked for her good health and you make such a silly statement. Can you cure her? 

Yes! Yes! I can. In a few scores of years. 

A loose motion is for right now. Not a few years later. You are a difficult person. Cure her now! 

Ok! Ok! Let A give me the approval. Then we will see. It's important you understand that your words have to be absolutely right when you ask for something. Otherwise, you will end up getting something else. So be specific. 

You are one frustrating person. Can I bribe A? What kind of system does he have? 

Oh, he works with the latest stuff. He didn't bite the apple like Adam or Eve! His system is free from failures and bugs. He uses the perfect antivirus. 


Ya! The devil loves to test his viruses and Trojans on A. 

So how soon will we get the results? Please can you make him hurry up?

That's up to him and I never interfere in his recommendations. 

But you have to cure my baby. Please tell me that you will do. She is suffering a lot and I can't bear to see her that way. 

Is it about her sufferings or yours? 

What do you mean? She is my baby and I love her a lot. 

Aha! But that's not what you said when you got pregnant. You called her a mistake. 

We forgot to take precautions that time so she happened. 

Why does the man think that he is capable of creating something? What am I there for? Redressals? Remember it is I who determines everything. So I shall listen to your prayers. 

Thank you. Now that you are listening to me can you give me a promotion? 

Ask Anthony! He handles the processes.
And btw don't call you daughter a mistake. She is my baby too and I don't make mistakes.  


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