Repeat, Please!

7:33:00 PMKrishna Rao

Repeat, please! This is difficult! I don't know what you want me to do. Can you repeat what you said to me earlier? Please! 

You should record the conversation and hit the replay button. 

Don't get frustrated, my dear fellow! 

Fellow? I am God! 

Ya, I know dude. But can you just repeat your instructions once again? 

This is the last and the final time I will repeat the instructions. After that don't bother me again. 

Why do you make it out as such a big deal? It's just a matter of telling me what to do. Just tell me! 

Why do you humans not understand what is told to you once? Why do you want the repetition of the same stuff again and again? 

You know why we all ask. Our minds are wandering a lot and we never hear the words that anyone tells us in a single shot. 

Your minds are full of junk from everyone and everything. Why can't you'll just concentrate on one?

Every book tells us the same- FOCUS! 
I know it is not easy to focus on something continuously. We have too many things to contend with. 

Why aren't you able to just sit in silence and think? Haven't I given you that wonderful mind? It should be used for deciphering and proper decision making. 

Come on, you have put in so many distractions in our worlds that we can never have dedicated attention. Our attention span is hardly for a second. 

Yes! Unless and until I give you some great stuff to look at or think about? You are very selfish people. Look at me, I have to think of gazillion things at one time. 

Ha! You have gazillion cronies to help you with. We are all alone and cannot cope up with one. 

Yes! I agree. Take the case of the guy who is wanting to get married. In the first year he has eyes for his wife, in the second year for his ex's, in the third for new girls, in the fourth it is his child, in the fifth it is......

You never did make love permanent and you blame humans for it? 

It is their mind which cannot stick to one and it's not me! 

I! "I" God and not me! 

So now you are going to teach me grammar? I invented the word, don't you know that? 

Ha, ha! You might have invented the word but we messed it up with grammar! Anyway tell me what can make us focus on one thing alone? 

Practice, practice and practice! You have to practice single pointedness. Eliminating all kinds of desires! 

You must be joking. With all these attractive stuff lying everywhere you expect us to give up our desires? 

At least you can try! Give up something's that you love for once and see what happens! 

Don't ask me to give up my drinks! You can ask for any other stuff. 

You don't drink, you swim in it so don't you go about saying that you want to not give it up. You tried many times but you went back to it. 

It's now become a habit and you know habits don't change. So you gotta make some concessions. 

Let's try to give up that extra sleep then! 

You know I get tired working the whole week from morning to night. So please ask for something else. 

There is no point in telling you anything, since you have already decided that you can't give up anything for that single pointedness. Can you at least sit still? 

You mean meditate? I have my yoga classes. I do that very often! 

Do you really go there to do yoga or want to get into yoga pants? 

I don't wear yoga pants! 

Not yours! The girls over there! 

You have a terrible sense of humor God! 

Let's forget it. You do what comes to you naturally and I will accept it as your efforts. Then let me give you some more things to fill your world with. 

Yes, yes! I want the next iPhone and Mac. I believe they have a lot of stuff going in it. 

Man, you are incorrigible! You can never change. I will have to do my best. Repeat the stuff again and again and I know you will fall and not remember anything.  


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