God's Law

10:11:00 PMKrishna Rao

How does your law work where test tube babies or artificial insemination are concerned? God, it must be painful to take away birth from your hands? 

Aha! Who says someone has taken my job away? 

People no longer need to pray to you to get kids. They go to fertility clinics and order a baby. 

Ha ha, You mean, just like restaurants? 

What do you mean? 

See, there were no restaurants earlier. The householders made food and now you can order meals at a restaurant. So these people order babies. If they want fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair or whatever. 

Yes. They can modify the looks needed also. Depending upon the breed you need. So doesn't it take away your so far never challenged position of a creator? 

Sure. You can call it whatever you wish to. You and the whole world can think of it like that. But the truth is I have created that position too. 

Oh. You take credit for the fertility clinics too? That is strange. Humans believe the genetic scientists have made the breakthrough. 

They can say whatever they want to but you will know that I do it all the time. Everything in this universe moves by my will. There is nothing that can do so on its own. 

That's what the holy books say. But truthfully God, I think you don't have control over anything at all. Slowly man is becoming stronger and taking over all your functionalities. 

Of course. That's what he believes in and I let him think like that. 

But aren't you loosing control over your domain today? They are sending rockets to the far reaches of the universe. They discovered the so called God particle. How many more examples to give you? 

Yes. Man has too much control over everything he does. Today he was able to save the Bamiyan statues, the Syrian Temple of Bel, the shooting in the cities, the destruction of the Twin Towers. 

God! Don't be sarcastic. I know man wasn't able to save any of those things. But why are you not giving credit to the discoveries or explorations he has done in this age? 

I am giving man all that he needs to progress in the material world and what makes you think I am not giving him credit? He is doing what I am making him do. 

Look at all these fanatics who proclaim that all that is happening now is the work of the devil. Why do you allow them to say such things? 

Look at you. Just now you were telling me I can't do anything and now you are telling me that I am the one who is allowing......

You know what I mean. The believers attribute everything to you and the atheists think you don't exist. 

I don't claim anything at all. Everything happens within my domain. But I just am a witness to it. The world moves on the wheels of karma. My framework is already in place. I don't need to create a new structure. 

Yes,yes. You have already said that before. The laws of nature were already written and now things are happening just by themselves. 

No. Not by itself but man is driven by lust, greed, anger, hatred, etc... Got it? Everything spawns everything itself. Greed begets power and lust, which finally leads one to downfall. 

But why can't you stop that? You can surely see the disasters we are leading up to. Why allow a villainous figure to rise first? 

If that doesn't happen, how would you have someone rise against it? Look at the dictators who rise and rise and then someone plain and ordinary destroys them. You have got your hero. 

But that process is terrible. First you allow the hole to grow which causes harmful radiations to penetrate and once many people die, then you step in. Isn't it sadistic of you? 

Call me whatever you wish to. Remember that without pain there is no gain. Without trying you won't know anything at all. 

I guess you know best. I think I should focus only on my job. I shouldn't bother about yours. My head hurts. 

Yes. Let me do my job and you do yours. All the scientists and explorers are doing theirs too. Only they think they are the doers. Let them think that.  

That is egotism at its best. I agree with your witness state. Your law is running on its own in stealth mode. Before you go, can you tell me what I should do for my white hair and overweight issues? 

Hmmm! Go by the rule book. If you want my advice, then work hard on getting in shape and dye your hair. No pain, no gain. 

Thank you God. 

Not so fast. Drop some dollars in my collection box. You owe me for my consultations.  


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