The Highest Devotee

10:39:00 PMKrishna Rao

Dear God, I want to know who is your highest devotee? 

Why would you want to know that? Do you think you fall into that category? 

Yes. I do. I am your biggest and highest devotee! There is absolutely no doubt about it. 

If there is no doubt about it, then why that question? Doesn't it tell you that you still have a certain doubt that there is another great devotee of mine? 

No. I am just ascertaining that I am the only one for you. That's why I asked. 

Ok. Ok. Let me tell you who is my greatest or highest devotee. But first you will have to remember some stories. 

Which stories? I already know the story of Narada and the farmer. He takes the name three times and Narada doesn't even utter the name once when he is carrying the jar of oil. 

That one also tells you about the devotion. But this is the story of Radha. 

Who Radha? The Radha- Krsna one? Tell me. 

Once Uddhava asked the same question to Krsna. He told Uddhava that Radha was His highest devotee so he wanted to know how it was possible! 

You mean Uddhava, a dear friend of Krsna on whom the Uddhav Gita is written. 

Yes. The same one. Anyway, Krsna sent Uddhava to test Radha out. He asked him to visit Vrindavan and see for himself. Btw, Uddhava looked very similar to Krsna. 

What happened then? 

When Uddhava reached Vrindavan all the Gopis came running to greet him thinking that he is Krsna. But the moment they realized he is just another, they pulled back. They were literally falling all over him before. 

That would be really a sight. Imagine dressing up like Krsna and all girls falling one on top of each other. Lynch mob! 

Don't be silly. The Gopis love cannot be known to anyone. So once they realized he wasn't Krsna, they asked him the reason for his visit. 

So Uddhava told them how he had come to test Radha? 

No. He just enquired about Radha and was directed towards her house. 

Isn't Radha the one who was married to Abhimanyu? 

Yes. Even though Radha was married to Abhimanyu, She lived only for Krsna's sake. She pined away for Krsna always. 

Please tell me what happened next. 

Uddhava came near Her house and secretly observed what She was up to. 

And what did he see? 

Uddhava saw that Radha was talking to a blue beetle as if the beetle was Krsna. Then She followed him everywhere. Once the beetle disappeared from her sight and she became distraught. Later, she observed the beetle sucking nectar from different flowers growing around. 

That's what Krsna is known for. He has too many girlfriends. He drinks from every flower. 

Don't talk like that. You are speaking about the Supreme Divine Consciousness. Coming back to the story. Radha was oblivious about everything. 

That's so silly. 

Later Uddhava observed Her talk to the cow and again to some blue berries as if they were Krsna. From the sky to the tree, from animal to insects, from animate to inanimate objects, she saw Krsna in everything. 

That's truly amazing. I am sure she lived in Krsna delusion. 

To be completely lost in Krsna and see Him in everything is called Prema. 

So who can have this Prema, dear Lord? 

Anyone who can see me in everything and everyone and doesn't discriminate between loved ones or not. Such a person is my highest devotee. 

That's impossible. I cannot love my enemies or see God in them. I hate them. But I see You in all other things. 

Look at Mother Theresa. She never discriminated between the poor or rich, sick or healthy. Didn't she care for leprosy patients with all compassion? 

Yes. I saw a film on her. She cared for everyone not bothering about her own self. She could have easily contracted the disease but she was focused in You alone. 

That's right. Only a few qualify for the highest devotion. To have unconditional love for me is the only path. To love my universe truly makes them my highest devotee. 

I understand that, dear God. I will try to emulate Radha and Mother Theresa.   


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