Done Nothing Wrong

8:29:00 AMKrishna Rao

I haven't done anything wrong to anybody then why am I having this dreadful disease, God? 

You are right as far as this life goes dear son! But what about your past lives? 

What has past lives got to do with this one? Whatever has occurred has happened in the past, why rake it up now? 

You say that we shouldn't rake up the past as if you aren't responsible. Then what does one do with what you have done? 

But I believe you have already punished me for that crime or whatever I might have done. 

No way. Let me ask you if a man has murdered a woman and has been sent to jail for few years and when he comes out, has he got his due? 

I guess so. But you make us suffer so much, for somethings that we did so many lives ago. 

No. That murderer hasn't even got the right punishment for what he did. Let me tell you how. 

Sure. I know you will come with some distorted explanation. 

If that woman happened to be your mother who got raped and killed then what more would you like that man to suffer for? Tell me! 

I would like to murder him. Or maybe do something more terrible. 

So now you understand how I give the victims a chance to even out the score? 

Oh, I don't know. Anyway let us come to my story. Why am I diagnosed with this prostrate cancer now? What wrong have I done? 

You are not aware of what you have done but if I were to ask you what would you do to someone who deliberately made you into a sex slave or a prostitute? Tell me! 

I would cut off his privates or give him some dreadful disease after which he won't be able to do anything at all. 

So you have given yourself the verdict too. That's what you did in one of your past lives. 

But why can you not forgive and forget what I might have done? Why this kind of horrible suffering? 

You have to ask the one whom you made to suffer the pain and humiliation in that life. Do you think that person forgave you? 

Which means the suffering will continue! That's terrible. Have mercy on me and let me be alright. 

I too would like you to be alright and healthy. But how can you get out of the inevitable? You made that person suffer so much. Where was your love and compassion then? 

I will do anything that you tell me to get out of this rut now. Please help me. 

I am unable to do that. Unless, of course that sufferer pardons you unconditionally in this life. But do you think that person will? 

Why not? Why can someone not pardon? After all I have gone through terrible torture now. 

Let's forget that for a moment. What would you do to that man who sold your teenage daughter in prostitution? Would you forgive him? 

No way. I would like him to rot in hell. I can never forgive him ever. 

You are that person. You did that to her in your previous life and now your victim is your daughter in this life. Her father suffered terribly in that life and died in pain. 

Forgive me Lord. I will atone for all my sins. I will never do anything wrong willingly to anyone again. 

Now tell me what should I do with your sufferings? 

Let me suffer. I accept your punishment. Help me get over my nature, please. 


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