Devoted To Me.

7:46:00 PMKrishna Rao

When you say be devoted to me, what exactly do you mean God? 

Be devoted to me, means you should have only me to think about and nothing else. 

But I am devoted to you God and I pray to you only. And yet you say that I am not at all devoted to you? 

You work for your family, wife, children, home, etc., right? 

Yes. You are right. But isn't that the duty given to me by you, God? So am I not doing my duty sincerely and thinking about you also? 

Of course. You are doing your duty towards your family. Earning enough money so that you'll can have a better life. Your kids can go to proper school, you can pay for your mortgages and still be able to save some for the rainy day. You take your annual holidays, are in time for your kids, spend time with your wife and relatives, be with your friends and all that. 

Exactly. Isn't that what I am supposed to do? I think I am a good husband, son, father and friend too. 

No doubts about it. You are very good to everyone that you mentioned. But tell me how good are you to me? Am I not providing you everything that you and your family needs? 

I regularly attend prayer services every weekend. I do some amount of social service, donate to charity, take part in religious festivals, celebrate all festivities with everyone, spend my time with the downtrodden et al. 

True. But what I asked you was how good you are to me? 

What do you mean by that? Isn't working in your world being true to you? 

Working in the world to take care of the family and material needs is surely what every man/woman does. But who does it for me? 

I still don't get it! Can you explain it in detail? 

Yes. Let's see, you are working for a multinational company. You are responsible for your job and what you do is reflected in your performance. You get paid for your work by the company. But don't you do the job for money? If you get less, you may go and join some other company. You are only true to what you earn. 

Ah. I get what you are coming at. Just as I am committed to the job only for the money or power, likewise you say that I should be committed on you. 

That too. There is much more. You think about your kid and wife while serving the company. They should get what they want. If you don't receive your salary, these people will go hungry. Hence your focus is your family. Do you understand that? 

Ah, you mean it's not money but my family which drives me to earn and to make good money I may even leave a low paying job. 

Yes. You got it. This clearly means that you do everything for your family. Now you use my resources, my company, my job, my money, and every other thing which belongs to me and yet you never think of me. 

I never thought of it that way. I think I have earned my money. I worked hard for my home and family. What do you mean they are used by me? Don't these resources belong to the one who works for it? 

In one way they are lent to you for time being. Don't you know this is my universe and you are using everything belonging to me? A farmer cannot stake claim to the land only because he works in it. A politician cannot own the government. Remember he is only a political appointee of the people and is a representative of theirs. He cannot say he owns the government. 

Yes. I get what you are saying. Which means I use your land, your water, your seeds etc., to farm but I cannot claim ownership of it. I can take some grains only after I offer it to the owner. He has the right to give or not to give. 

You are very smart. Understand this, that it is only God's prerogative to give or not to give. It's not your birthright. So now think how can you take ownership of things when you are my servant only? 

I understand now. First I have to work for you and only then will I get things but first I have to offer it to you. You may give some to me if you wish to. But I have to never show ownership of things. Not even of what I earn or work for. 

Perfect. You truly understand what it means. So work hard. Earn and take care of your family. But never forget that you are working for me and everything that you have been given is because of my grace on you. 

Yes. I am truly thankful for everything bestowed on me. I will always remember that it's you who has given me my life, my parents, my family, job and every other thing. I am indebted to you always. Thank you, God! 

Great. I am sure you now understand the meaning of devotion to me. 


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