Who Is Right?

1:50:00 AMKrishna Rao

I want to know who is right and who is wrong? Can you tell me that, God? 

You can elaborate on that question and ask me precisely. 

There are two kinds of people in this world. One who believes and the other who doesn't. One who is religious fanatic and the other an atheist. 

There are no rights or wrongs in this world. Both are right and both are wrong. 

That's the vaguest answer you have given to me. Stop talking in riddles. 

That is the right answer. No one is right and no one is wrong. Both the parties are right in their own place. 

What do you mean? Right in their own place! 

Let us take two types of people. One who is born blind and other who can see. Can you ask one to describe how a rose looks? 

Yes. The one with eyes will describe it perfectly since he can see. 

But what about the blind? Can the one with eyesight describe to the blind person what a rose looks like? 

Yes. Surely he can. Ah! I understand now. How will the blind man know the color? Since he has no idea about colors, how will he know if the Rose is red or pink? Right? 

Also how can he get the real proof of the color? He has to again rely on some more people. Then again it's a matter of faith and trust. Got it? 

Which is a very tricky situation. How can one trust someone else when every other person is going to tell you what the other seer sees as the truth. 

Bang on! You now get the picture. No individual can say with absolute surety what they know as the absolute truth. 

Which means truth and falsehood are relative terms. Oh, wow! This is just like science. Most of the statements are based on relative truth. 

Ha, ha! Now tell me what happens to the Big Bang theory. 

Which tells me that every few years there will be another theory which will explain certain aspects but not all. Now, what can I say is the right one or the wrong one. 

Yes, that's correct! Everyone proposes the so-called truth and you gullible humans believe in it till another comes along with stronger proofs. 

Then tell me what is true? Am I real or unreal? Are you real or unreal? I am very confused now. 

You are talking to me so you and I are real. Do You agree? 

Yes. I am talking to you and so you are real to me. But I see what you are getting at. 

Yes. You nailed it. 

The moment I tell someone else that I was talking to God, that person will tell me that I am hallucinating or making up a good story. 

Absolutely right. Now do you see how faith becomes your passport to me and not to the non-believer. 

I get it. Only my faith will make me see and talk to you. The others may not have any faith. 

Let me tell you a story here on faith. Once a young man wanted to marry a young woman from another place. He proposed to her in front of a Krsna's idol. She agreed to it. But soon she was taken away to her village by her father. 

Then did the two get married? 

The young man went to her village and asked for her hand in marriage saying that they have a contract to marry. 

The father must have freaked out. But how to get the contract proof from an idol? 

The young man says to Krsna idol to follow him to her native place and tell the parents of that girl. The Krsna's idol leaves on a thousand mile journey and gives the proof of the contract. 

But who will believe in it? 

You too will believe in it if you see that Krsna statue. 

Where is it? Tell me. I would like to go and see it. 

It is outside Puri in Orissa. It's called Sakshi Gopal Krsna temple. It's all about faith! 

Yes. I agree. I should visit it one day. But what a great mythological story. It is really hard for any man to believe in you, God! 

Absolutely! If I were to come in jeans and T-shirt wearing sports shoes, would anyone believe me? 

No chance. I now get it. There is no right or wrong in this world. It's all a matter of your own faith and beliefs. 

Absolutely. So keep your faith and believe. Whatever you believe in is your truth alone. Don't contradict someone else because that's his truth. So become silent. 


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